List of Free code Photo Album


  • ALAssetsLibrary Custom Photo Album
    A nice ALAssetsLibrary category for saving images & videos into custom photo album. by @MarinTodorov.
  • EasyAlbum
    A album kit for ios that supports photos from both network and local files.
  • iOSPhotoAlbum
    A sample photo album based on FGallery.
  • Photo Albums
    Next version of Talking Photos.
  • photosync
    An OS X application to build a standalone web site as an export from my photo album.
  • photoupload
    A Mac OS X photo uploader program for my photo album.
  • scrobble goggles
    Take a photo of an album with your iOS device and use the Google Goggles API to match it. Then, scrobble the tracks from that album to

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