List of Free code Photo Library


  • Appcelerator Urban Image Library
    An Appcelerator module that allows access to a device's photo library.
  • AssetsAccessor
    A Class for accessing Assets ( photos and videos) in iOS device using the Assets Library Framework.
  • AWi Photo Library
    i Photo Cocoa Framework.
  • BPPhotoLibrarian
    Simple helpers for accessing the iOS photo library.
  • CTAssetsPickerController
    iOS control that allows picking multiple photos and videos from user's photo library.
  • CZPhotoPickerController
    A photo picker offering 'use last photo taken', 'take photo ', and 'choose from library'.
  • EasyGallery
    Photo viewer library for iOS.
  • FDTake
    Easily take a photo or video or choose from library.
  • imageViewer
    A simple iOS app to choose Images from the Photo Library and view it.
  • ios video loader
    Programmatically load movies into iOS Photo Library.
  • MDFaceDetector
    viewcontroller that detect faces in images from photo library and the user catch the event when a face is detected.
  • Photo AppLink
    iOS library for connecting photo editing apps.
  • Phun Photos Sample
    Phun Photos Sample Library.
  • pictureLibrary
    Objective C photo gallery library.
  • repareAlias
    A command line tool for OSX that fixes the **external file references** in an i Photo library (after files have been moved). (10.7+).
  • SaveTo Photo AlbumPhonegapPlugin
    Save am image to Photo library.
  • TDFace
    iOS app using CIDetector for face detection in images pulled from photo library.
  • VineStylee
    Vine Style video recorder for iOS that saves to local Photos Library instead of the internet.
  • XWEdit Photo Demo
    Upload photo to server: 1. select a photo from library 2. take a new photo 3.get the photo and crop it square shape 4.add this new photo.

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