List of Free code Photo Plugin


  • i Photo
    Repository for the i Photo plugin.
  • i Photo Plugin
    i Photo export plugin.
  • i Photo To SQL
    i Photo To SQL is an export plugin for i Photo that will create an SQL dump file with all picture metadata in addition to creating scaled images and thumbnails.
  • Quicklook PCD
    Photo CD plugin for apple Quicklook (Coverflow) viewer.
  • RRSender Photo
    RRSender Photo plugin for Mac Mail.
  • SAPO Fotos
    SAPO Fotos i Photo + Aperture export plugins.
  • SkyDriveExporter.i Photo Exporter
    i Photo Exporter plugin to export i Photo photos to the SkyDrive.
  • smugmugexport
    SmugMugExport: an i Photo plugin for SmugMug.

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