List of Free code Puzzle Game


  • FifteenPuzzle
    Puzzle game for iOS.
  • gamegl
    the bottom part of puzzle dragon game using OpenglES (without any framework).
  • ggj13 DumDumDum
    HeartBeats Sequencer Puzzle Game for Nash Game Dev Global Game Jam 2013.
  • GNUstep Sudoku
    A sudoku puzzle written with GNUstep libraries.
  • NumbersTo1
    A simple little puzzle game.
  • Puzzle v03
    Puzzle game for iOS (beta).
  • PuzzleMe
    Simple game puzzle for project MOB at INSA Lyon.
  • SliderPuzzle
    My slider puzzle game.
  • SlidingFinger
    A in the ios puzzle game ,SlidingFinger.
  • Slidzer
    A simple slider puzzle game :P.
  • talele
    Talel? is a puzzle game which you can select a picture from your iOS library. I designed that because my son want to play with his pictures.
  • Theseus
    An iOS puzzle game designed in 2009.

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