List of Free code Wrapper API


  • 500px iOS api
    500px API Wrapper for Objective C.
  • AppDotNet
    Asynchronous Objective C wrapper for the API. An incomplete but ongoing effort to create a common base for new/experimental ADN apps.
  • CDEvents
    An Objective C wrapper for Mac OS X?s FSEvents C API.
  • ChimpKit2
    MailChimp API Wrapper with support for API 1.3.
  • CocoaMite
    CocoaMite is an Objective C wrapper around the mite api.
  • conductrics ios
    This is an Objective C wrapper for the Conductrics service, which provides an API for bandit style optimization, dynamic targeting, and A/B testing.
  • CoreStack
    A wrapper for the Stack Exchange API (see
  • Discogs API
    Objective C wrapper to Discogs API.
  • domainr objectiveC
    An Objective C API wrapper for Domainr.
  • dwolla ios
    Official Objective C [iOS] Wrapper for Dwolla's API.
  • enios
    Updated iOS wrapper for EN API.
  • EVNConnect
    Evernote API wrapper for ios5.
  • EZAddressBook
    Simple Objective C wrapper around the iOS AddressBook C API.
  • EZMilk
    Remember The Milk API wrapper for ObjectiveC.
  • Forecastr
    A simple, asynchronous Objective C wrapper for the API.
  • FreeAgent Access
    Objective C wrapper for the FreeAgent API.
  • FXKeychain
    FXKeychain is a lightweight wrapper around the Apple keychain APIs that provides a simple dictionary like interface.
  • getexceptional api wrapper
    The power of Exceptional in iOS.
  • GoogleReader API iOS
    An Objective C wrapper around (unofficial) Google Reader API for iOS Apps.
  • IADisquser
    Simple wrapper of Disqus API for iOS.
  • ILAddressAutocomplete
    Simple Objective C wrapper on top of Google Places Autocomplete API.
  • ios trello
    An iOS (Objective C) Wrapper for the Trello API.
  • ios wrapper
    iOS wrapper for the Readmill API.
  • JHSpotifyEngine
    Spotify Lookup API objective c wrapper.
  • JLTMDbClient
    JLTMDbClient is an iOS wrapper on top of AFNetworking to interact with API.
  • KloutConnectorV2
    Thin Objective C wrapper for the Klout API v2.
  • MAObjCRuntime
    ObjC wrapper for ObjC runtime API.
  • MinusConnect
    Minus API Wrapper for ios5 with OAuth2.
  • NbapiObjC
    API wrapper for Erik Berg MLB and NBA stats in Objective C.
  • newrelic objectivec wrapper
    Ever wanted to access the New Relic API in an iOS application? This wrapper includes the resources that are currently supported by New Relic via their api documentation. More information to come.
  • objective c
    CloudApp's first party Objective C API wrapper.
  • Objective C Discogs Api Wrapper
    An Objective C wrapper implementation of Discogs Api.
  • Objective Dribbble
    A wrapper for the Dribbble API , written in Objective C.
  • ObjectiveGist
    Objective C wrapper for the Gist API.
  • Pensive
    Modern wrapper for the Objective C runtime API.
  • Pocket API Wrapper
    Simple Pocket API Wrapper.
  • postageapp objc
    PostageApp API Wrapper for iOS / Mac OSX applications.
  • ProwlKit
    An Objective C wrapper for the Prowl API.
  • RedditKit
    An Objective C wrapper for the reddit API.
  • screen recorder
    Wrapper around OS X AVFoundation screen recording API.
  • SPGooglePlacesAutocomplete
    An objective c wrapper around the Google Places autocomplete API. Includes sample application emulating the "Maps" app.
  • SPSearchStore
    Objective C wrapper for the SearchKit API / Mac OS.
  • SSXboxLeaders Objective C API wrapper.
  • STReachability
    An SCNetworkReachability wrapper with an obscenely simple API.
  • TimberKit
    ObjC Forrst API wrapper.
  • TIReachEngine
    A complete Objective C wrapper for the Halo: Reach API. Mac and iOS compatible.
  • UICKeyChainStore
    UICKeyChainStore is a simple wrapper for Keychain on iOS. Makes using Keychain APIs as easy as NSUserDefaults.
  • V2EXAPIWrapper
    Objective C API Wrapper for V2EX implemented with RestKit.
  • VJGeoAutocomplete
    Simple Objective C wrapper for Google Places Autocomplete API.
  • warmshowers ios wrapper
    An iOS wrapper for the API.
    Obj C XPC Wrapper.
  • YMKit
    Native iOS wrapper for Yandex.Money API.
  • ZTProxy
    Small wrapper class for the ZooTool API.

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