List of Free code iOS Framework


  • AboundingNest ios
    A group of frameworks for iOS.
  • ad4Max SDK iOS
    ad4Max SDK for iOS Mobile Ads framework.
  • AirplayKit
    A cross platform MacOS and iOS framework allowing you to send content to an Apple TV or other Airplay supported device. Note: This project is no longer maintained.
  • AKOLibrary
    iOS Framework used in projects by akosma software.
  • Alkaline
    Performance testing framework for iOS.
  • AMFatFractal
    Extends the FatFractal iOS framework.
  • AnalyticsKit
    Analytics framework for iOS.
  • AppCoreKit
    AppCoreKit is a collection of Objective C frameworks , utility classes and 3rd party libraries for iOS.
  • appjam
    Appjam is an iOS code repository, including framework , snippet, generators, etc.
  • AppSoundEngine
    Sound engine for iOS apps with low latency. Objective C wrapper/ framework of SystemSoundID, using System Sound Services functions and callbacks.
  • AppWarp iOS SDK Framework
    AppWarp Framework file for iOS.
  • ASIHTTPRequest
    ASIHTTPRequest packaged as a static iOS framework.
  • baasday iOS Framework
    iOS and Android library for accessing the baasday Backend as a Service platform for mobile applications.
  • ballista sdk ios precompiled
    Precompiled versions of the ballista framework.
  • BDApplicationHelpers
    iOS Framework that contains helper classes that can be used in most applications.
  • BetterTransit
    An iOS framework to retrieve and display real time bus arrival times.
  • BlocksKit Framework.framework
    Compiled project that wraps BlocksKit as a iOS Framework.
  • BlurCompare
    Compare iOS Blur Effect Frameworks.
  • buysellads touch
    An iOS framework for displaying Ads from BuySellAds on an iOS device.
  • Cargo
    Simplified and easy to use key/value storage framework for iOS.
  • charron line ios framework
    Charron Line Flight tracking iOS framework.
  • cheddarkit
    Objective C framework that powers Cheddar for iOS and Cheddar for Mac.
  • CitrusPay SDK iOS
    Citrus payment gateway iOS Framework.
  • ClassBrowser
    Class and framework browser for iOS developers.
  • CocoaLumberjack
    A fast & simple, yet powerful & flexible logging framework for Mac and iOS.
  • Consumo iOS
    iOS client for Consumo framework.
  • DBValidator
    General purpose iOS/Objective C validation framework.
  • dragkit
    An iOS opensource framework for supporting Drag & Drop within an application and between applications.
  • dsx ios framework
    DSX Flight tracking iOS framework.
  • ETFramework
    Basic helper framework for iOS projects. Some categories and helper classes for easy and quicker development.
  • example Framework
    This is an example of how to create an iOS framework.
  • ExploreCalabash iOS
    project to explore calabash ios test framework.
  • FakeEvents
    Allows you to add lots of test event data to an iOS simulator or device using EKEventKit framework.
  • FCat
    A simple framework for IOS applications.
  • Frameworks
    Contains the frameworks and tools I develop for iOS and MacOSX.
  • FringeKit
    iOS framework , OR mapping, Utilities, Categories.
  • gremlin
    Media import framework for iOS.
  • gyroBroadcast
    I'm piecing together code to broadcast iOS sensor data to a socket over UPD for use with microcontroller frameworks. I'm starting with a focus on accelerometer and gyroscope parameters now, and hopefully adding support for gps later.
  • HeatMapDemo
    A heat map visualization for the Map Kit Framework on iOS.
  • HMLocalization
    HMLocalization is a lightweight dynamic localisation framework. I have created it as a replacement to the iOS localisation framework that doesn't allow you to switch language while app is open and require you language files to be bundled with the app.
  • ICEDK iOS Framework
    Icepat (little) iOS Development Kit.
  • ICEDK iOS Framework ARC
    Icepat (little) iOS ARC Development Kit.
  • ICEDK iOS Framework ARC Example
    Icepat (little) iOS ARC Development Kit example.
  • ICEDK iOS Framework Example
    Icepat (little) iOS Development Kit examples.
  • iContent
    A framework for content based iOS apps.
  • iHasApp
    The iHasApp iOS Framework allows you to detect installed apps on a user's device.
  • InAppSettingsKit
    This iOS framework allows settings to be in app in addition to or instead of being in the Settings app.
  • Indivo Framework ios
    A framework written for iOS which enables drop in support for iOS based Indivo apps.
  • IndivoMedications Example ios
    An example medication management app written to demonstrate the Indivo ios Framework.
  • InkiOSFramework
    The Ink mobile framework for iOS. Connect your app with others to enable new workflows and capabilities for your users.
  • intern objc
    Framework that does the things I don't want to do (for iOS and Mac).
  • iOS 6.1 SDK PrivateFramework
  • iOS Crypto API
    Simplified Objective C wrappers over various Security.framework and CommonCrypto APIs.
  • iOS custom framework example
    A simple application which uses custom frameworks , made from the template.
  • ios foundation framework extension
    Extension to Apple's iOS Foundation Framework.
  • iOS Framework
    How to create, develop, and distribute iOS Static Frameworks quickly and efficiently.
  • iOS frameworkized static libs
    Libraries (mainly other people's) that have been converted into. framework files that successfully compile against iOS.
  • iOS GPX Framework
    This is an iOS framework for parsing/generating GPX files.
  • iOS NBULog
    Log framework based on CocoaLumberjack. Adds dynamic log levels, modules' support and eases usage.
  • ios testbed
    Testbed for iOS frameworks and APIs.
  • iOS6 Private Frameworks
    Private frameworks from iOS 6 :D.
  • iOSOpenDev Framework Header Files
    iOS 5.0 Private Framework Header Files.
  • IQuestionaire
    An iOS framework for building questionaire like UIs.
  • IStructure Library
    iOS Structure (iStructure) MVC Framework.
  • Jails
    AB testing framework for native apps of iOS and Android.
  • JGDownloadAcceleration
    Download Acceleration framework for iOS. Based on NSURLConnection and NSOperation.
  • JsonKit Framework
    JsonKit wrapped in an iOS framework.
  • JSONKit in framework demo
    Include JSONKit in a static library, packaged as a framework for use in an an iOS App project.
  • KickOffIOS
    A framework for fast kicking off your iOS project!.
  • KIF
    Keep It Functional An iOS Functional Testing Framework.
  • Kiwi sample
    kiwi sample project iOS Testing Framework.
  • LabLackey
    iOS framework for psychology experiments.
  • Lela
    Lela iOS Perceptual Difference Testing Framework.
  • MailCore
    MailCore 1.0 is a Mac/iOS framework for working with the e mail protocols IMAP and SMTP.
  • MMShowcase
    A multipurpose showcase/magazine framework for iOS 4+.
  • mobilecrm
    iOS based mobile CRM framework.
  • monaca framework ios
    Monaca Framework provides additional functionalities for PhoneGap hybrid mobile apps.
  • MSActiveConfig
    Remote configuration and A/B Testing framework for iOS.
  • My Framework
    Example to make framework for iOS.
  • nimbus
    The iOS framework that grows only as fast as its documentation.
  • NPChart
    A simple iOS framework that draws different types of charts.
  • nsrails
    iOS/Mac OS framework for Rails.
  • ofxCoreMotion
    Openframeworks/ios addon for the Core Motion Framework.
  • ofxGestureRecognizer
    This is a simple set of objective C classes that pass gesture information to open Frameworks for iOS projects.
  • ofxSmoothLines
    Open Frameworks addon for drawing antialiased lines at 60fps on iOS devices.
  • OgvKit
    libogg, libvorbis, and libtheora built as frameworks for iOS.
  • OpenFeint iOS Framework
    OpenFeint SDK built as a static framework.
  • OTSecurity
    Friendly interface to use RSA on iOS. Uses Security. framework.
  • PagesKit
    PagesKit is a framework that will help you to create your own page to page reader on iOS.
  • PanicAR
    Augmented Reality Framework for iOS.
  • Parse
    Mirror of the Parse iOS framework.
  • ParseKit
    ParseKit allows to use Anypic and Anywall (iOS apps by self hosted replacing the framework with DataKit (open source) framework.
  • passslot ios sdk
    Objective C Framework ( SDK ) for easy Passbook integration.
  • PRAugmentedReality
    iOS Augmented Reality Framework.
  • PutioKit
    Simple framework to use API in your iOS applications, written in Objective C.
  • quickstart map ios
    An iOS Framework and sample app to get started with Esri's iOS Runtime SDK.
  • RadioTunes Demo
    A Powerful Radio Streaming Framework for iOS App Developers!.
  • Redland Demo
    Simple iOS demo app for the Redland iOS framework.
  • RFFoundation
    RFUIKit Framework is a foundation framework with additional classes for the iOS.
  • RFNetwork
    RFNetwork Framework is a network framework on the based of the Foundation Framework for the iOS.
  • RFUIKit
    RFUIKit Framework is a user interface kit framework with additional elements for the iOS.
  • road ios framework
    ROAD Rapid Objective C Applications Development.
  • RSReport
    A reporting framework for iOS applications.
  • RWAddressBook
    RWAddressBookWrapper is a wrapper AddressBook framework for the iOS.
  • S4iOSLibraries
    S4iOSLibraries provide an application framework for iOS development.
  • SBJson
    SBJson packaged as a static iOS framework.
  • ScoopIt Framework
    iOs Framework for
  • SearchTouch
    On device search framework for iOS and MacOSX.
  • SerialCommunication Framework
    SerialCommunication framework for iOS.iOS version of Android ADK.
  • SGAccessory Framework
    Basic skeleton to build EAAccessory based iOS apps. Goal is to provide a framework for custom protocol implementations.
  • shiplib ios framework
    ShipLib powers the Print and Ship postcard mailing function of over 100 popular iOS apps.
  • SimpleReverse
    iOS app to do a reverse geocode using SimpleGeo. framework.
  • SimpleStateMachine
    Simple state machine written in Objective C for iOS 5.0 framework.
  • SkinKit
    SkinKit is an iOS Framework for customizing your app's appearance using skins.
  • SynchroKit
    framework that helps syncing data in iOS environment.
  • tapkulibrary
    tap + haiku = tapku, a well crafted open source iOS framework.
  • titanium mobile alasset module
    Titanium module to get access to the iOS ALAsset framework.
  • tolo
    Tolo is an event publish/subscribe framework designed to decouple different parts of your iOS application while still allowing them to communicate efficiently.
  • Unicorn Framework iOS
    The pure unicorn framework code for iOS.
  • Universal Framework Examples
    Examples for more complex usage of universal iOS frameworks.
  • UpdateKit
    A iOS framework to notify user of an application update.
  • US2FormValidator
    Form validation framework for iOS.
  • VPPCoreData
    VPPCoreData for iOS is a Core Data wrapper with Active Record support that simplifies the task of managing data with Core Data framework. This library offers an automatic setup of Core Data and a set of methods to set and retrieve data, both in foreground and background.
  • vvosc frameworks
    VVOSC frameworks compiled for use in iOS 5 (simulator and device).
  • wordpresser
    wordpresser is a " framework " project to build iOS apps on top of self hosted WordPress blogs.
  • XMPPFramework
    An XMPP Framework in Objective C for Mac and iOS.
  • YMFoundationAdditions
    Additions to the Foundation framework (iOS/Mac).
  • ZDDownloadKit
    ZDDownloadKit is a light weight download framework in iOS, which is scalable.
  • zucchini start
    Getting started with Zucchini iOS testing framework.

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