List of Free code iOS Game


  • AiLaTrieuPhu
    Game show Ai L? Tri?u Ph? tr?n smart phone iOS.
  • alef bet full ios
    The full version of the alef bet game.
  • AngryBirdHappyPig
    A simple tribute to a really popular mobile game (iOS app).
  • applifier mobile impact
    Everyplay Game Ads (former Applifier Impact) SDK for iOS, Android and Unity3D.
  • AppMaker Game iOS
    An experimental, open source mobile game development project on iOS.
  • Aspirin
    A game ported to iOS.
  • Asteroids Sample
    A Sample of the classic game for iOS.
  • BackAlleyDiceShooter
    A simple dice game written in iOS 5.
  • Best Game Sample iOS
    Grantoo sample game utilizing Propeller SDK.
  • BigNerdRanch
    Code for the examples in the iOS Game Programming book.
  • Bilard
    Bilard game iOS app.
  • bithero
    A neat game for iOS.
  • BLConsole
    A telnet based shell like console to be integrated into an iOS game or application.
  • Bubblesweeper
    Minesweeper game for iOS that uses the bubblewrap pattern.
  • BullsEye
    A game app written for learning iOS programming with The iOS Apprentice tutorials.
  • Cat n Mouse
    An iOS Game written with Box2D.
  • Chain Disaster
    Chain reaction, explosive action game for iOS.
  • Classic Gold Runner
    iOS implementation of classic TRS 80 Color Computer game.
  • ClimbBoy
    This is a project of platformer game for ios.
  • CogConnect
    iOS App/ Game for Mobile Stroke Rehabilitation.
  • designroom
    this is a little game about design a room ios.
  • Digital Egg Drop
    Code for an iOS Game that simulates the idea of an egg drop (building secure structures to protect a fragile object from the elements).
  • DrApe
    iOS board game for visual memory testing.
  • EatFighter
    EatFighter is an iOS game that helps you decide where to eat.
  • epicemu
    iOS game prototype made in NTNU Software Architecture course.
  • eve of impact
    Eve of Impact iOS game source code.
  • fairyfire
    One day, this will grow up to be an awesome iOS game.
  • FIAR
    A four in a row game for iOS.
  • Food Forest
    iOS game save the world by planting and tending your Orchard.
  • FortyTwo
    A simple bullet dodging game for iOS and OS X.
  • FreelancingWithKids
    My iOS game for May 1GAM.
  • GA iOS SDK
    Game Analytics wrapper for iOS.
  • Game 1
    Me learning iOS Game Programming.
  • Game Clock
    An iOS chess/go timer.
  • Game Controller
    Playing with iOS UIPageControl.
  • Game Froot
    Game Froot iOS and Bundlenator.
  • Game KitRemote
    An iOS Objective C bit of code to get two different iOS applications to talk over Game Kit.
  • game of life ios
    Conways Game of Life implemented for iOS.
  • Game On
    Game On application for iOS.
  • h5 drive
    Drive hackathon iOS game.
  • HPTrivia
    IOS Harry Potter Trivia Game.
  • humff humff
    ios game developed for manila game jam 2012.
  • ImageTiles
    A small iOS game.
  • IOS Demo
    just a demo of IOS Game develop.
  • iOS Game of Life
    iOS Game of Life.
  • iOS Memory Game
    CSCI 4100U Final Project.
  • iOS memoryChallenger
    iOS version of the old school game "Simon Says".
  • ios network programming ch12
    An iOS app that demonstrates Game Kit networking.
  • IOS WhackJob bak
    IOS Game mocking Politics.
  • iOSFisherMan
    fishing game for iOS.
  • iOSGameDev
    Sample projects for the iOS game development book.
  • iOSPacman Game
    Simple pacman game for iOS.
  • iPokeMon
    Pok?Mon like game on iOS with Location Based Service.
  • iTetris
    Simple tetris game for the iOS platform.
  • Keydom
    Simple iOS game developed Wesleyan OSS tutorial.
  • KiiBlocks
    An open source SpriteKit game for iOS.
  • Learn Game First
    iOS study for test.
  • Light Jockey
    An iOS game written in 2009.
  • Make10App
    A kid's mental math addition game for iOS.
  • Math Blast
    Addition matching game iOS (like Bejeweled / Candy Crush).
  • maze
    iOS maze game using SpriteKit.
  • MIGAMore Games ios
    MIGAMoreGames client library for iOS.
  • nono
    Nonogram game for iOS.
  • Noughts and Crosses iOS
    A small noughts and crosses game for iOS.
  • OnTheGrid
    iOS implementation of Conway's Game of Life.
  • PaddleBall
    Simple Paddle Ball Game Setup for iOS.
  • PenClose
    Variant of the Dots & Boxes game for iOS.
  • PKCoreTechniques
    The code for my CoreGraphics+CoreAnimation talk, held during the 2012 iOS Game Design Seminar at the Technical University Munich.
  • PlatformPanda
    An iOS platformer game.
  • pong oc
    Objective C version of Atari's Pong game , created during iOS Accelerated course at Mobile Makers Academy.
  • Pro Darts 3D
    Open Sourcing my very first 3D game on iOS from 2009.
  • project a ios
    Early work from my first game , Project A.
  • quadrobounce
    My first iOS game , quadrobounce!.
  • Quirkle
    Quirkle is a new iOS Board Game.
  • Quiz Game
    iOS Quiz Game proof of concept (sister does online teaching, asked for an example).
  • reversi
    A version of the classic board game for iOS.
  • RTQuiz
    A quiz game for iOS.
  • Run
    A simple running and jumping game for iOS.
  • Same Game
    A learning exercise in iOS in the form of a basic prototype.
  • scanvenger hunt app
    ios app code for the game.
  • Scribe iOS
    The Mark Steere Abstract Game , Scribe.
  • Sea Battle
    iOS game Sea Battle.
  • Simon Classic
    A remake of the classic Simon game for the iOS.
  • SimpleArkanoid
    Simple iOS Arkanoid like game , seems to be a "Footballoid" =).
  • Slot Library
    This is a slot library to implement reel and line based slot games on iOS.
  • SpellShapeColor
    Simple iOS game mechanics test.
  • SpotifyCoverManiac iOS
    A quick sample game using Spotify lib, in particular user playlists, tracks and covers.
  • TabooPlus
    A Simple Taboo Game for iOS.
  • taptap
    One of the first iOS apps I ever made. A simple yet social game of dexterity.
  • target practice
    simple ios game with a player, bullets, enemies, collision and scoring.
  • TheLastNinja
    a game for Mac IOS.
  • TouNoirTouBlanc
    A IOS game developped for my studies.
  • Typing Game
    Typing game made for iOS platform. Written in less that one week to understand and lean Objective C language and iOS programming workflow.
  • Xenophobe
    Xenophobe: a game for iOS.
  • zombie arcade
    CodeFellows final collaborative team project iOS sprite kit game.

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