List of Free code iPhone API


  • bHead
    Rock Paper Scissors for the iPhone using Bump Technologies API , but with our version, bHead, we use a Broadsword, Lightsaber, and a Shotgun. bHead is the final project for the Spring 2010 ITP Little Computers class. Developed by @blence and @mjhasson.
  • cavoort iphone prototypes
    Prototypes and Research for iPhone Applications using Cocoa APIs.
  • cocoa api wrapper
    A Cocoa wrapper for SoundCloud that works on iPhone/iPod Touch and Mac OS X.
  • DCTMusicModel
    A Core Data based framework for quickly accessing the music information in MediaPlayer. It requires the data to be imported, which takes about 1 minute 45 seconds for 2000 songs on an iPhone 3G. Once created, accessing is near instant. No private Apple APIs were used in the making of DCTMusicModel.
  • Draw Me To Hell
    Objective C / iPhone implementation of Google Directions API + iOS4 Polylines.
  • ExternalAccessory
    iPhone Audiojack ExternalAccessory API.
  • guardianista
    An iPhone browser for Guardian API content.
  • HyperpublicSampleApp
    Sample Iphone Application on the Hyperpublic API.
  • iheartjq
    jQuery API offline browser for iPhone.
  • iphone experiments
    Code experiments to discover the iPhone APIs.
  • iPhone OS DirectionKit
    iPhone OS Turn by turn directions using Google's Directions API.
  • Jenkins iPhone
    A small spike to learn Jenkins API and Objective C.
  • MYCrypto
    A high level cryptography API for Mac OS X and iPhone. (Mirror of Mercurial repo at
  • OpenFlow
    CoverFlow API replacement for the iPhone.
  • phonegap iphone
    iPhone OS implementation of the PhoneGap API.
  • rdioquiz ios
    'Guess the Artist' for iPhone, powered by the Rdio API.
  • SlideToCancel
    "slide to unlock" clone from the iPhone's lockscreen using only public APIs.
  • twtmore api objc
    Twtmore API for iPhone/Mac in Objective C.
  • World Travel Adice
    A simple iphone application querying a government service that provides travel advice for uk travellers. I have used a couple of publicly available APIs to make my life easier, they include ASIHTTPRequest, Flurry, SDWeb Image and some provided by apple most notably core data.
  • XMLRPC Quicktate
    Sweet implementation of Quicktate API for iphone.

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