List of Free code iPhone App


  • atsocial iphone app
    Links ATutor Social into an Iphone.
  • atutor social iphone
    iPhone app for ATutor Social.
  • AudioMeetup Demos
    Demo projects for Suncoast iPhone App Developers Meetup 2011 06 21.
  • BAMSettings Demo
    A demo iPhone application showing how to incorporate BAMSettings into your own app.
  • BGG
    Remake of the Board Game Geek iphone app.
  • BobbleHead
    iPhone App of a bobble head. First assignment for Developing with the iPhone SDK certification course.
  • BringBanks
    An example iPhone app that uses bring bank data from the Fingal Open Data Project.
  • Browser View Controller iPhone
    Boilerplate code to embed a Browser into your iPhone app.
  • ButtonMaker
    Very simple iPhone app for creating the images for use in iPhone Applications. Use under the simulator on Mac OS X only.
  • CarPool
    Iphone App for social Carpool networking.
  • circles
    Quick and dirty iPhone app that uses CoreGraphics, UIAccelerometer and Game Kit.
  • cocoaheads gltouches
    iPhone GL example app.
  • CompassTest
    Demo app for iPhone 3GS compass data.
  • Del Sol
    3DAR example iPhone app for augmenting your reality.
  • DesktopAppNetworkRecieve Message
    Desktop App that advertises a network service with Bonjour. Will look for iPhoneAppNetworkSend Message , receive, and display it's messages. Homework project 3 for iPhone Cert Course.
  • Dominionizer
    iPhone app for picking cards for use in the game "Dominion".
  • feindura Webmaster App
    iPhone app for feindura webmasters, to view multiple feindura cms statistics in one app.
  • GachaMachi
    iPhone app that uses Tumblr API and YOLPLocalSearch.
  • Geoloqi iPhone SDK
    Sample iPhone app using the Geoloqi iPhone SDK.
  • Gixen iPhone
    Simple demo of a Gixen app.
  • GrupaReveal
    An iPhone app decrypts the Group Password (used in Cisco's IPSec VPN Cleint) with CommonCrypto library.
  • HelloPoly
    Example iPhone App #3.
  • HelloStanford
    Example iPhone App #1.
  • Homepwner
    A sample iPhone app.
  • HVMobile VNext
    V2 of HVMobile Library. This library is used for the HealthVault for iPhone app. Ongoing updates & bug fixes.
  • HypnoTime
    A sample iPhone app.
  • iConsole
    In app console for viewing logs and typing debug commands in iPhone apps.
  • InAppSettings
    InAppSettings provides a view controller that displays the application's Settings.bundle as it appears in the iPhone settings. Allowing the same preferences in app and in the iPhone settings.
  • iNotify
    Library for displaying remotely administered notifications within a Mac or iPhone app. Similar to Apple's push notifications, but more lightweight and only displayed at app launch time. Perfect for cross promoting apps or pointing out non obvious features.
  • iOS MapLayerDemo
    Demo of using MKOverlay View (iOS 4.0) to render custom tile server overlays in a native iPhone app.
  • iphone library test app
    iPhone Static Library Example Test App.
  • iPhone Sample App
    Sample Application for iPhone.
  • iphone sdk
    A sample project & library to use transloadit in your iPhone apps.
  • iPhone Web App
    An iPhone app showing how to embed a web application in a native app.
  • iPhoneApp
    Sample App for iPhone.
  • iPhoneNetworkSend Message
    iPhone app that will browse the local link network for a specific service (DesktopAppNetworkRecieve Message ) and send messages to it. Homework project 3 for iPhone Cert Course.
  • iQuake
    iPhone app demo based on SeismicXML sample code from Apple.
  • iVersion
    Library for dynamically checking for updates to Mac/iPhone App Store apps from within the application and notifying users about the new release. Can also notify users about new features in the app the first time they launch after an upgrade.
  • iWaffle
    iPhone/iPod Touch app to upload images to
  • libMobtest
    Mobtest static library for user feedback from within iPhone apps. Based upon the earlier moblib code.
    An iPhone app for
  • LoginView Example
    A simple iPhone app that shows one way of creating a login view.
  • Map View Example
    Map View iPhone app.
  • mapbox me
    Small reference implementation of native iPhone MapBox maps. Showcases the MapBox iOS SDK 's user location services to display the user's location on MapBox Streets somewhat like
  • Maps Slicer
    Mac OS X app for slicing image files for use in Transit Maps for iPhone.
  • MDAudioPlayerController
    MDAudioPlayerController is an Objective C library for iPhone used to play MP3 files in an interface similar to the iPod app.
  • MGSimplenoteEngine Sample
    A sample iPhone app that implements MGSimplenoteEngine.
  • mobile context iphone demo
    Mobile Context Framework Demo iPhone App.
  • moblib
    The Mobtest library enables iPhone developers to easily add tester response function via Mobtest to their apps.
  • Motomadness
    (jailbroken) iphone app for motorcyclists; currently TTS for incoming text messages.
  • My Maps
    An example 3DAR iPhone app using data from Google's My Maps.
  • myass
    [iPhone SDK app: Solves quadratic equations] My lil' brother needed some math help, so we wrote an iPhone project together to do it for him!.
  • mySettings
    iPhone API for displaying application settings in the iPhone application itself, instead of in the Settings app. NB: mySettings is no longer in active development.
  • NameMinder
    iPhone app for learning the SDK.
  • Nearby Webcams
    3DAR example iPhone app using the API.
  • OCMock Sample AppIOS
    An iPhone app that uses OCMock with its unit tests.
  • Oelspil
    Danish iPhone app A Collection of drinking game rules.
  • openmbta
    An iPhone app and data API for Boston MBTA schedules and other information.
  • OrganisingCoreData
    Organising Core Data Demo iPhone App.
  • PagedFlow View
    A Paging Enabled Flow View , like screenshots view in iPhone App Store.
  • PaintCode Example
    An example iPhone app using PaintCode and BBlock.
  • Panoramic
    3DAR example iPhone app for viewing panoramic imagery.
  • Pizza Street View
    3DAR example iPhone app using Google Street View and Yahoo! Local Search.
  • Sample Modal View Controller
    Sample iPhone app showing how to use a Modal View Controller with a delegate.
  • ScoreFiveHundred
    iPhone app to score the card game : "Five Hundred".
  • Scorius
    Disc golf game , player and course app for the iPhone.
  • Search Example
    An example iPhone App that searches and displays businesses.
  • ServerTest
    An iPhone app that uses RestKit to test the game _server project.
  • Shareabouts iPhone
    baby's first iphone app.
  • Story Browser
    A client for iPhone. This app is not on the AppStore since November 2011 when the API changed drastically.
  • StudioEvents
    A sample iPhone app that shows upcoming Pragmatic Studio events.
  • Switchboard
    Switchboard easy and super light weight A/B testing for your mobile iPhone or android app. This mobile A/B testing framework allows you with minimal servers to run large amounts of mobile users.
  • Telephone
    iPhone app emulating the Telephone game.
  • Tile Game
    iPhone App of Tile Puzzle. Demonstrates use of Touch Gestures. Class Project 6.
  • top albums
    A half assed iPhone app demoing Rdio's API to display the current top albums and the ability to play songs from that album. At launch you will be prompted to login with your Rdio account. You can go on without being authorized, but you will only be able.
  • UIBarButtonItem Generator
    Displeased with the lack of an iOS API for changing the colors of UIBarButtonItem independent of its UIToolbar? This is an iPhone simulator app that creates pixel perfect UIBarButtonItem images of any color that you can turn around and reuse in your application!.
  • UIDisclosureButton
    Button like iPhone's
  • Valentunes iPhone
    iPhone app for Valentunes web site.
  • Vici
    A Risk style game that will run first on the Mac and also on the iPhone. In doing so we expect to help contributors learn to write apps in Cocoa.
  • Voice
    Native iPhone App wrapper around the Google Voice iPhone Web App [nolist].
  • Waiting
    A basic iPhone app that will be used to learn the iOS SDK.
  • WikiShoot
    An iPhone app to help Wikipedia with images.
  • WombatPublisher
    iphone app to POST images.
  • wtfrecipes
    A Howcast API iPhone recipe app!.
  • xoxo
    First attempt at building an iPhone app. This is a hilariously simple tictactoe game.
  • Yorient
    3DAR example iPhone app using Yahoo! Local Search.

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