List of Free code iPhone Library


  • ATMHud
    Library for the creation of HUDs in iPhone applications.
  • BNSmbRequest
    Wrapper for libsmbclient library , Objective C, Mac OS X and iPhone.
  • dUsefulStuff
    iPhone static library containing useful classes and headers. The downloadable dmg file also contains a number of useful bash scripts.
  • EasyURLDownloader
    Objective C library to make downloading data easier (on the iPhone).
  • FunnyPics
    Sample image viewer iPhone application using the Three20 library.
  • GestureRecognition
    Gesture Recognition Library for iPhone.
  • hamcrest objectivec iPhone
    hamcrest objectivec built as a static library for use in iPhone applications.
  • HBase Library
    Uitility library intended for static linking with iPhone applications.
  • IBAForms
    A simple iPhone forms library.
  • iFrameExtractor
    Extract frames from iPhone videos using the FFMpeg libraries.
  • iOSPorts
    A collection of libraries such as OpenSSL, Cyrus SASL, OpenLDAP, and PCRE which have been ported to the iPhone/iOS platform.
  • iPhone Simulator Library helper
    Move images into the iPhone Simulator's image library.
  • LeanEngine iPhone
    LeanEngine iOS client libraries.
  • loco
    Loco is an iPhone library that simplifies location acquisition.
  • MFMusicLibrary
    iPhone framework to access the iPod library.
  • mixpanel iphone
    iPhone tracking library for Mixpanel Analytics.
  • Obj C Halo Reach API
    iPhone library for connecting to Bungie's Halo Reach Stats API.
  • OCMock iPhone
    OCMock built as a static library for use in iPhone applications.
  • onebusaway iphone common
    Common libraries to support the OneBusAway iPhone application.
  • PlutoLand
    An iPhone library from pluto planet(In fact that mostly CoreFunctions work well on OSX too).
  • rcloudlib
    a common library of utility iPhone functionality.
  • reskit
    A library for testing resolution independent iPhone OS applications.
  • reversegeocoding
    Offline reverse geocoding library and scripts for the iPhone.
  • s21gutils
    Utility library for iPhone development.
  • SPDY for iPhone
    A project to build a spdy client library for the iPhone.
  • three20 tidbits
    Some sample code showing the usage of iPhone library Three20.
  • three20Macosx
    Three20 is an Objective C library for iPhone developers, and now for Mac developpers !.
  • Trail Location
    Tried to work around the closed nature of iPhone with a more extensible wrapper library , but really needed jailbreak to go anywhere interesting (New BSD license).

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