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  • C4F - Seismometer
    The MSDN Coding4Fun Seismometer application uses an accelerometer sensor from Windows 7 to watch for movement. Watch the raw data values, see it graphed, and learn about writing realtime data to the Windows performance monitor.
  • C4F - Windows 7 - JumpList Sample
    In this article/sample, learn how to provide quick access to links and actions in your Windows 7 application by creating a JumpList. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)
  • ch@tr
    Ch@tr is (another) chat application for XMPP that connects to Google Talk. The vision for ch@tr is that it will be a hub for email, calendar, and chat, and help focus a user's work - freeing him from distraction and unwanted im's or emails.
  • Consus
    This project is aiming to develop an encryption application that enables the user to encrypt and decrypt text (primarily) and files (in the future). The project will be written in VB.NET and called Consus.
  • dusanproject
    It is a project for Web Scripting and Application Development (COM), School of Computer of Science, University of Hertfordshire
  • EFT Calculator
    EFT Calculator is an application that performs common cryptographic operations used in electronic funds transfer applications.
  • File System Explorer
    This application will drill into the Windows File System like Windows File Explorer but is more geared to working with multiple directories at a time.
  • KDG's VB Password Generator
    Password Generator is a simple application that will generate a password based on conditions selected by the user.
  • Memory++
    "Tweak the memory to speed up your computer" Memory ++ is basically an application that will speed up your computer ensuring comfort in their normal activities, such as opening of multiple windows while running multiple applications at the same time system.
  • Mute4
    Mute4 is a simple application that allows you to set a mute/vibration profile and it will switch back to your normal profile automatically after a specified amount of time.
  • openCALM
    openCALM is an All-in-One Application Lifecycle Management Suite, for free. You don't have to install 4 or more Tools which mostly don't integrate in each other. openCALM is everything. - Plan your Project - Sourcecode versioning - Manage your Unit-Tests - Manage your...
  • Phone Directory
    A simple phone directory Windows Form application - written in VB.NET
  • Printer Usage Monitoring Application
    The Printer Usage Monitoring Application is an open and extensible printer usage monitoring application. It allows businesses, government departments and educational establishments to track their printer usage and identify cost savings that can be made.
  • Process Watcher
    ProcessWatcher will report on the starting and stopping of process on the local machine. Events are logged to an Event Log, and also displayed on a (optionally transparent) form. Useful for seeing what's happening on your machine, or just to verify that certain applications ar...
  • Psychological Mood Tracker
    A application to help you track your mood changes.
  • Simple HealthVault Direct-to-Clinical sample
    A simple application demonstrates all of the critical functions of a Direct-to-Clinical HealthVault app. ?
  • Snom ONE & PBXnSIP Csta sample
    This little application demonstrates the Csta functionnalities of Snom ONE IP PBX.
  • Stopwatch 1.0
    A simple stopwatch application for Windows.
  • Stylish Font Writer
    Stylish Font Writer is an application written in .Net that converts your text into stylish/fancy text.
  • Template Parser for .NET
    Using template parser you can simply store and manage all application email templates in one place. This approach helps separate content from code sources and give you ability to edit them easily.
  • TPH Batch Printer
    This a desktop application, written in VB.Net, that automates printing from the main Office applications, plus the full Adobe Acrobat. You can queue up a long list of files, and send them for print all at once. It is based loosely on an earlier Visual Basic 6.0 application tha...
  • tutorials_online
    This is a project that is associated with my progress in tutorials in Web Scripting and Application Development in for the University of Hertfordshire
  • TX Spell .NET ActiveX Package
    TX Spell .NET ActiveX Package enables you to add high-performance spell checking capabilities to your VB6 applications.
    A .net wrapper for the WHMCS API written in Using this wrapper you will be able to write applications in .net that communicate with your WHMCS ( platform. The homepage for this project is at Code coming very...
  • wsscMarvelHeroes2013
    This is the project related to module Web Scripting and Application Development, a web 2.0 site about Marvel's superheroes.
  • XtreMP3
    XtreMP3 is a tiny windows streaming (radio) player. Runs directly from system tray and it is completely managed from its tray icon. It can integrate with external applications like LCD Smartie. Its interface is quite simple and supports system global hot keys for easy usage. A...
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List of Application
C4F - Seismometer
C4F - Windows 7 - JumpList Sample
EFT Calculator
File System Explorer
KDG's VB Password Generator
Phone Directory
Printer Usage Monitoring Application
Process Watcher
Psychological Mood Tracker
Simple HealthVault Direct-to-Clinical sampl...
Snom ONE & PBXnSIP Csta sample
Stopwatch 1.0
Stylish Font Writer
Template Parser for .NET
TPH Batch Printer
TX Spell .NET ActiveX Package