List of CSV


  • Csv2UDTImport
    Csv2UDTImport is a small console application that transforms ";" separated CSV files into Xml files. These files are compatible to the XML files generated for import/export for the UserDefinedTable module, a DotNetNuke module. Simplest usage: Drag'Drop an CSV file onto the a...
  • EDI VDA 4905
    EDI VDA 4905 message reader, translator and create a CSV file. The VDA4905 is the message transmission for delivery instruction of the factories.
  • EDI VDA 4915
    EDI VDA 4915 is a project developed to read and translate the content of a VDA 4915 message format, usually used in the automotive industry. Also create a CSV file with data from the message file, so everyone can use it
  • Import CSV and Highlight Demo
    This project demo shows how to import a CSV file and highlight either cells or rows in the datagrid based on certain criteria.
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List of CSV
EDI VDA 4905
EDI VDA 4915
Import CSV and Highlight Demo