List of Control


  • ACOM Director
    ACOM Director is a tool to allow computer control of the ACOM 2000A amateur radio (HAM Radio) amplifier both locally and over the internet.
  • Animaoline Remote Desktop
    "Animaonline Remote Desktop" lets the user connect to computers that are running Windows NT 4.0 and later versions, and remote control them. The application uses Microsoft "Remote Desktop Protocol" The "Remote Desktop Protocol" default settings were tweaked to make this applicat
  • Camcop
    Camcop 1.0 A simple camera tool aimed to provide some basic functionalities to control local and stream cameras.
  • CodeTextBox
    CodeTextBox is a Windows Forms control for colorizing code while you are typing in the text box.
  • CoverFlow Project
    This is a proyect that can we use like a control for own apps , its need some improvements like differents view and also some memory issue to get fix... if anyone can help me to improve please... NOTE: This coverflow reads bytes and then convert it to images thanks
  • Fix soft HyperAero Form
    Fix soft Aero Form (HyperAero Edition) works on both xp and Win7 and supports Customizable Animation Effects (On showing and closing form),Gradient Support (Multicolor Gradient Background,Gradient Editor Control),Power Functions (Shutdown,etc with Timer support) ,Aero Glass ...
  • JPAjaxControlToolkit
    This project has been created in order to hold and share some AJAX controls created by me based in Ajax Control Toolkit template. For now, we have three controls created: - HierarchicalGridExtender: An extender to add hierarchical behavior in GridView; - WizardSideBarExtend...
  • Kinect Mouse Cursor
    Kinect Mouse Cursor is a demo application that uses the Kinect for Windows SDK and its skeletal tracking features to allow a user to use their hands to control the Windows mouse cursor.
  • PolyMon Controls
    Various .NET Windows Forms controls such as gauges, panels, rotated labels, runtime move and size controls, etc.
  • PowerComboBox
    PowerComboBox is an enhanced ComboBox control. Programmed in Visual Basic, PowerComboBox adds 4 new features, Hovering; Backcolour; Checkboxes; Groups.
  • PowerShell Cmdlets for Visual Studio Team System
    PowerShell cmdlets to control and configure Visual Studio Team System components including build, reporting, testing, version control, and work item tracking.
  • SitemapProvider for DotNetNuke
    Google Sitemap provider for DotNetNuke. Allows all DotNetNuke modules to participate into the Google sitemap generation for your site. Get more control on your SEO efforts!
  • Soft Keyboard for Windows 8 also known as a Virtual Keyboard for Windows 8
    This is a soft keyboard for Windows 8 (also known as a virtual keyboard). It looks just like the default Windows 8 Soft Keyboard, but you can control it!
  • TfsSearchCode. Search strings across text files under TFS Version Control
    TfsSearchCode search a string across text files under Team Foundation Server Version Control. Enter a string to Search, the node of the three and search under like pattern of file names on serach. It's developed under VB.NET languaje and Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5
  • VB Styler
    the VB Styler is a suite of controls and tools that are used to create more visually appealing programs. for example the CustomButton has both a gradient background and border that you can customize. this project is geared to visual basic users.
  • VB6 To WPF Project Migration Aid Tool
    The VB6 To WPF Project Migration Aid Tool will read classes, modules, forms, user controls, and even ActiveX documents created in Visual Basic 6, and map them to recognizable XAML & code-behind files for Windows Presentation Foundation, for Visual Studio 2008 (or later).
  • WebsitePanel Skin Designer Toolkit
    WebsitePanel Skin Designer Toolkit is a windows forms project designed to create skins for the Open-Source hosting control panel WebsitePanel. It allows you to change the colors, borders and many other CSS settings and also change the default images.
  • WPF AutoComplete
    AutoCompleteTextBox is most advance MVVM supported control. It allows user to implement their own business logic to display auto suggesting like in AJAX.
  • WPFGlue Code Base
    Access the reference code and examples for WPFGlue. WPFGlue is a programming strategy for WPF based on the idea of adding little bits and pieces that glue existing models and out-of-the-box WPF controls together in order to create complete applications.
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List of Control
ACOM Director
Animaoline Remote Desktop
CoverFlow Project
Fix soft HyperAero Form
Kinect Mouse Cursor
PolyMon Controls
PowerShell Cmdlets for Visual Studio Team S...
SitemapProvider for DotNetNuke
Soft Keyboard for Windows 8 also known as a...
TfsSearchCode. Search strings across text f...
VB Styler
VB6 To WPF Project Migration Aid Tool
WebsitePanel Skin Designer Toolkit
WPF AutoComplete
WPFGlue Code Base