List of DotNetNuke


  • Apollo PageLocalization
    Apollo PageLocalization allows you to localize pages in DotNetNuke
  • Aricie - Distributed Caching Provider
    Aricie - Distributed Caching Provider is a DotNetNuke module and a DNN caching provider, which leverages distributed caching technologies (AppFabric, Memcached)
  • Aricie - LuceneSearch
    Aricie - Lucene Search is a powerful DotNetNuke module and Search / Indexing provider replacement based on Lucene.Net, with many extensibility points
  • Aspose DotNetNuke Module Development Template
    Aspose provides a quick way to use a module development template for DotNetNuke 7+ that can automatically download Aspose components and add it to your project.
  • Bring2mind Guestbook
    Guestbook module for DNN (4). Extra feature: users can upload a picture when submitting a new entry.
  • Bring2mind Signup
    Show unauthenticated users a simple textbox for an email address to sign up/register. Confirmation email sent with return url to fill in first/lastname, password and confirmation of newsletter interest. Uses email as username. Gets rid of all unnecessary clutter in DNN registr...
  • Bring2mind's Yet Another Gallery Module
    A DotNetNuke (photo) gallery module based on templating. Basic photo management implementation. No subfolders, just a straight list of pictures. Perfect if you need to include a small gallery on a DNN page. Comes complete with a number of lightbox and rotator templates.
  • BugNET Library
    This is a library dll so DNN programmers can integrate BugNET within their modules more easliy.
  • Code Camp Event Module v2.1
    This is a DotNetNuke 4.6.2 desktop module written in VB .NET that aids in the creation of a Code Camp Event.
  • Contact Collector Module for DotNetNuke
    This module allows you to easily collect and save contact information via module interface in DotNetNuke.
  • Content Injection Module for DotNetNuke
    This is a content injection module, written by Will Strohl. Its purpose is to allow you to inject markup into the header or footer of the page.
  • DNN Blog
    The DNN Blog module is an easy to use content publishing module that is tightly integrated with the DNN Platform.
  • DNN Chat
    DNN Chat is a basic module used for live chat on your DNN site.
  • DNN Compare
    A module that helps you build comparison grids
  • DNN LocalizationEditor
    DNN Module to manage and delegate the translation process. Specify which modules can be translated and which locales. Editors can create/copy and edit the texts
  • DnnC PicasaAlbums
    DnnC PicasaAblums is a simple DotNetNuke module that allows you to display your albums and photos you have on Google Picasa.
  • DNNSimpleArticle
    A simple DotNetNuke articles module. Allows you to create and maintain articles and displays them in a simple paged list.
  • DotNetNuke 5 Thai Language Pack
    DotNetNuke Thai Language Pack
  • DotNetNuke Forum Extensions
    Various modules/themes used in combination with the Core DotNetNuke Forum module.
  • DotNetNuke? Auth: Active Directory
    Active Directory authentication for DotNetNuke.
  • DotNetNuke? Documents
    DotNetNuke? Documents is a basic module used for managing downloadable files on your DNN site.
  • DotNetNuke? Events
    DotNetNuke? Events manages display of upcoming events as a list in chronological order or in calendar format with additional information and links set to automatically expire or re-occur by days, weeks, months or years.
  • DotNetNuke? Feedback
    DotNetNuke? Feedback is a basic module used for accepting user inquiries on your DNN site.
  • DotNetNuke? IFrame
    DotNetNuke? IFrame is a rich module used for embedding an internal/external URL on your DNN site.
  • DotNetNuke? Links
    DotNetNuke? Links is a basic module used for displaying navigational links on your DNN site.
  • DotNetNuke? Map
    DotNetNuke? Map is a module which provides a mashup for any custom data into the Google Map API for displaying informative maps on your DNN site.
  • DotNetNuke? News Feeds
    DotNetNuke? News Feeds is a module used for displaying aggregated news feeds your DNN site.
  • DotNetNuke? Roadmap
    DotNetNuke? Roadmap is a basic module used for taking enhancement suggestions, and allowing users to vote/comment on these enhancements.
  • DotNetNuke? Survey
    DotNetNuke? Survey is a basic module used for conducting user surveys on your DNN site.
  • NB_Store - Free DotNetNuke Ecommerce Catalog Module
    eCommerce on DotNetNuke is now powerful, flexible and free with the NB_Store module suite.
  • Open Graph Protocol Module for DotNetNuke
    This module allows you to quickly and easily add the Open Graph Protocol markup to your website. Doing so makes you more compatible with sharing content with sites like Facebook and Google+, among many others.
  • RTP Forgotten User
    This DotNetNuke module reminds users of their username by providing a box to enter their email address. The username(s) are mailed to the email address. It can optionaly send admin usernames. Host usernames are never mailed.
  • Shibboleth Authentication Provider for DotNetNuke
    The Shibboleth Authentication Provider was created by Nick Dunham and Cheryl Bearden at the University Of Florida Department of Research, with help in testing from UCLA, to fill a need for a Shibboleth authentication provider for DotNetNuke.
  • Simple Redirect Module for DotNetNuke
    This module allows content editors in DotNetNuke to have a simple and easy way to properly redirect incoming URLs that are incorrectly indexed by search engines.
  • Testable DNN Module
    This project demonstrates how to build a fully tested DotNetNukeModule utilising Web Forms MVP, MBUNit and Watin
  • ThermoChart
    ThermoChart is a DotNetNuke Module that displays a bar chart in the form of a Thermometer. This module is ideal for displaying business targets.
  • User Directory Module for DotNetNuke
    With the User Directory Module for DotNetNuke you can search easily for your DotNetNuke users and display information like names, telephone numbers or all other profile data. So you can easily configure a member directory, dealer directory or phonebook.
  • Wazzup module for DotNetNuke
    Wazzup is a simple module for the DotNetNuke CMS to display the newest content added to your site. It leverage's DNN's search indexer and displays a simple link with publishing date and text summary. Developed in VB. Fits well into narrow vertical content areas