List of Example


  • 40FINGERS DotNetNuke Announcements on Entity Framework Example Module
    This is the core Announcements module from DotNetNuke, changed to use Entity Framework on .net 3.5. Stefan Kamphuis of 40FINGERS demonstrated the creation of this module in his session in march 2011, on the SDN Event in Zeist, The Netherlands.
  • Head First Design Patterns - Code Examples in VB
    This project consists of ported code examples from the book Head First Design Patterns by Eric and Elizabeth Freeman into VB.NET 2008. The code is available per chapter or as a full download. Please leave any suggestions or comments, they are more than welcome!
  • Learn .NET Gadgeteer
    .NET Gadgeteer example projects using the FEZ Cerberus kit from GHI
  • visRackLinkAttr
    Example of using MS Visio 2010 Professional to diagram network link attributes using an MS Excel 2010 datasource. A component of the DC_Rack project.
  • Visual Studio File Cleanup
    Visual Studio File Cleaner Good code examples on how to do a poor man?s obfuscation of your solution
  • WTFNext Code Examples
    This project is a collection of code examples to accompany blog entries on
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List of Example
40FINGERS DotNetNuke Announcements on Entit...
Head First Design Patterns - Code Examples ...
Learn .NET Gadgeteer
Visual Studio File Cleanup
WTFNext Code Examples