List of Framework


  • .NET Image Resizer
    This is my personal class that I have cobbled together over the past few years to manage resizing images. The MakeThumbnail method included with the .NET framework just could not cut it in creating quality thumbnail images for me. Too often they came out pixilated. I found oth...
  • Basic Audio
    Basic audio is a class library with a test project (audio player/recorder) to faciliate basic audio playing and recording. There are other frameworks available to give you very detailed and complex audio functionality, this one aims to provide only the basic playback / recor...
  • Command Console Framework
    Instantly create a keyword-driven console application by referencing and importing the Command Console Framework, and then writing simple sub routines marked with the CommandMethod attribute.
  • MOBZPing
    Displays the availability and response time of a series of hosts graphically. Very useful for tracking down connection problems, or simply monitoring a number of hosts simultaneously. VB.NET, .NET Framework 2.0. Brought to you by MOBZystems, Home of Tools! ;-)
  • Pocket CBZ
    Compact Framework 2.0/3.5 application for viewing CBZ (comic book) files on PocketPCs (2003, 2003se, WM5, and WM6).
  • PrintQueueWatch printer monitoring component
    PrintQueueWatch is a .NET component (as class library) that facilitates monitoring one or more printers from a WinForms application and gathering information from the print system above and beyond that provided by the .NET Framework It is developed in VB.Net
  • Risk Management Framework
    This Project is one of my dreams , it is a total solution for a Risk Management in banks - phase one market risk - phase two credit risk - phase three operational this is a huge project that i can't handle alone , so I'd like others to join me Please Leave your feed back
    Simple Objects Frameworks Application is a small step towards making the .net framework ready for the business tier of real time applications. The objective is to induce simple architecture with better implementation for small and mid size projects.
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List of Framework
.NET Image Resizer
Basic Audio
Command Console Framework
Pocket CBZ
PrintQueueWatch printer monitoring componen...
Risk Management Framework