List of Game


  • 3309Battleship
    A Visual Basic implementation of the classic game "Battleship".
  • League Stream Manager
    Access RTMP streams of League of Legends (or other games) using rtmpdump and VLC.
  • MMGameLibrary2D
    MMGameLibrary2D is a little framework that provide a set of objects to develop 2D games for Windows 8 Store.
  • Procedural 2D terrain generator
    Small application used for procedurally generating a terrain for a one-level 2D tilemap. Makes use of "ant" style algorithms for randomly generating the terrain. It's made in VB.NET: Idea is for others to reproduce the algorithms in their language / game engine of choice.
  • Protect the Grandpa's Farm - Game for Windows
    BOOST YOUR ADRENALINE ! Raising your Adrenaline every next wave. EDUCATING GAME ! Train agility and alertness, loves animals and dutiful to parents
  • Shadows over Armheim
    New (18.5.2013) roguelike game programmed in . Started as a school project, maybe will be my new hobby. Feel free to use this code for Your own project .
  • State of Decay Save Manager
    A save manager for the game State of Decay that auto manages backups of the current save at intervals
  • Stratego.NET
    Classic stratego game implemented in VB.NET. Two players can play across the network via a TCP/IP connection.
  • Terraria in Visual basic
    This is my first real game I made. It is a clone of terraria made in Visual Basic. It isn't finished yet.
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List of Game
League Stream Manager
Procedural 2D terrain generator
Protect the Grandpa's Farm - Game for Windo...
Shadows over Armheim
State of Decay Save Manager
Terraria in Visual basic