List of SQL


  • .NET Unified Data Tier (Devv.Core.UniDataTier)
    Devv.Core.UniDataTier is a generic and easy to use data access layer compatible with SQL Server, Oracle, OleDb and ODBC. Support for other databases (MySQL was tested in the early stages) can be easily added using the provided Enum and overloaded methods. Supports inline SQL a...
  • DotNetNuke Event Publisher
    A DotNetNuke module that allows you to sync events based on data retrieved from SQL queries or existing UserDefinedTable modules to your Google Calendars.
  • DotNetNuke? Reports
    DotNetNuke? Reports module provides a simple, but flexible, view on your database. SuperUsers can develop reports by building a SQL Query and displaying it with one of the Visualizers built-in to the module or a 3rd-party Visualizer.
  • Marathon Tool
    Marathon Tool is a POC for using heavy queries to perform a Time-Based Blind SQL Injection attack. This tool is still work in progress but is right now in a very good alpha version to extract information from web applications using Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL...
  • QBuilder
    A .NET 4.0 based library that allows you to dynamically construct SQL Queries using nested objects. Makes building search or report related queries based on dynamic user entered criteria easy.
  • RTP RSS Feed
    This DotNetNuke module generates an RSS feed from a SQL query defined in the module settings.
  • SQL 2 Excel
    An Excel 2007 add-in that provides a task pane for importing ad-hoc SQL queries into a pivot table or table. It can also generate a SQL script to create a temporary table from a selected range.
  • SQLCAT Community Projects and Code Samples
    This project is a place for the SQL CAT team to share their expertise with the community and collaborate with other community members outside Microsoft who wish to contribute code samples to enable more productive use of the SQL Server platform for high-scale,enterprise customers
  • SQLCLR File Functions
    File Functions for SQL. Implemented as a SQLCLR assembly. Compatible with SQL 2008 and SQL 2008R2. May be compatible with SQL 2005, but untested. Copy File, Delete File, Delete Files, Get File Specs, Make Directory, Move File, Save File Image, Get File Image, and more!
  • SSMS Scripter
    A plugin for SQL Server 2005 Management Studio that allows you to script stored procedures, user-defined functions, and views in the SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager style: ?if exists, drop; create?.
  • Standalone SQL Agent
    The Standalone SQL Agent provides SQL Express users with the ability to use the SQL Server Agent features of the database system even though Microsoft has decided to remove the SQL Agent from the SQL Express product. This project is developed using Visual Basic.NET 2008.
  • visRackData
    visRackData is the data layer for the DC_Rack projects. It includes the necessary SQL definitions to build the SQLServer 2008 R2 target of the project. This is a VB.NET project.
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List of SQL
.NET Unified Data Tier (Devv.Core.UniDataTi...
DotNetNuke Event Publisher
DotNetNuke? Reports
Marathon Tool
SQL 2 Excel
SQLCAT Community Projects and Code Samples
SQLCLR File Functions
SSMS Scripter
Standalone SQL Agent