List of SQLServer


  • Connection String Generator
    Project to Create a Connection String using SQL Server. This will be enhanced to make connection string using Access, Oracel, MySQL, and DB2
  • PolyMon
    PolyMon is a .NET/SQL Server based system to monitor, analyze and alert on a variety of network resources including PowerShell, PerfMon, WMI, SNMP, TCP, URL, etc. Integrates with PowerShell for custom monitors and Actions. Also easily extensible through a plug-in architecture.
  • RSToolKit
    RSToolKit allows users to administrate different SQL Server Reporting Services with one application and has different methods to deploy reports. It supports all SQL Server Reporting Services versions which are using the ReportService2005 and the ReportExecution2005 SOAP API.
  • SQL Server Contention Monitor
    This project is a .NET GUI app that polls SQL Servers to check for blocked processes and alerts the user when processes have been waiting too long.
  • Virtual Desk (Document Management Software)
    This software is for the document management. This system works with SQL Server. This program is created with Framework 2.0. Some of the benefits are: supports all type of document creates versions of documents You can duplicate it You can add commentaries You can organi...
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List of SQLServer
Connection String Generator
SQL Server Contention Monitor
Virtual Desk (Document Management Software)