List of UI


  • Class Grades Manager
    A simple class records management app for teachers/professors inspired by Metro UI.
  • Content Editor
    Content Editor is v1.5 of RichTextEditor. Content Editor is an advanced notepad.Its UI and advanced controls are brought for QIOS for free licensed under Ms-Pl.
  • DNN Live Messenger
    DNN Live Messenger makes it easy for users to integrate Windows Live UI Controls into their DotNetNuke Website. Instantly add the Windows Live Messenger webbar and enable users to use Windows Live Messenger from your Website.
  • Makecert UI
    Makecert UI is a shell layer application on top of the Microsoft makecert.exe utility. Makecert UI makes it easy for you to create self signed certificates, even from your own CA.
  • MenuButton Emulsifier
    Combining ToolStripMenuItem and ToolStripButton to provide a single unified interface. Works with your existing WinForms UI.
  • NetWinsock
    Provides a simple, event-driven Windows Forms Component capable of serving as a TCP client or server. Utilizes an asynchronous/multithreaded pattern and raises data reception and error events on the UI thread for easy processing. Reminiscent of the VB6 Winsock control.
  • SetDefaultAudioEndpoint
    SetDefaultAudioEndpoint (Set Default Audio Endpoint) allows users to set the default audio playback device using computer code. The solution opens the Sound Control Panel and uses the Microsoft UI Automation accessibility framework to make changes.
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List of UI
Class Grades Manager
Content Editor
DNN Live Messenger
Makecert UI
MenuButton Emulsifier