List of USB


  • LabJack U3 DIO interface Library, Homeseer and other interface.
    This project will contain the necessary classes etc to allow a user with minimal experience utilize the LabJack U3 DIO device. This is a low cost, high reliability ADIO interface via USB. See for hardware details. This project will build on the set of .net d...
  • Project Detroit: OBD-II Manager
    A library to parse OBD-II data coming from a vehicle using an ELM323/327 compatible OBD to USB/serial cable. The solution also includes the WPF Instrument Cluster application that was used in the Project Detroit car!
  • WorkSync
    A console application that turns your iPod or USB drive into a portable workspace for your Visual Studio projects and/or SQL Server Databases.
  • xSleep
    Keeps up to four USB/Firewire external hard disk drive(s) from going into sleep mode. Eliminates the annoying lag waiting for your external drives to spool up. Inspired by NoSleepHD, improved upon for my own needs. Includes an 8 hour customisable working day timer.
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List of USB
LabJack U3 DIO interface Library, Homeseer ...
Project Detroit: OBD-II Manager