List of Utility


  • Aspect.NET
    Aspect.NET is a lightweight yet powerful utility, called a method pivoter, that you can use to add aspect-oriented design to your projects in a simple and straightforward way.
  • Cache My Work: reopen your Apps after reboot
    CacheMyWork is a handy utility that enables you to reboot Windows without losing your place in your work. It builds a checklist of currently open applications, and will restart the apps you've selected the next time you logon to the computer.
  • captureit
    captureit - A utility developed in .net for capturing screenshots like snipping tool in Windows Vista.
  • DebugHelpers
    DebugHelpers is/will be a collection of utilities that work along with other debugging tools such as WinDbg and CDB with a focus on managed .NET debugging. The first utility is the HeapView. HeapView enables you to easily analyze multiple results of the SOS !DumpHeap command ...
    DISM GUI is a graphical interface for the DISM command line utility.
  • ILMerge-GUI, the .NET merger
    Graphical interface to the Microsoft ILMerge utility. Makes it merging multiple .NET assemblies easy and hassle-free.
  • NAntRunner
    A simple, standalone, utility for running NAnt build scripts.
  • NetPing
    NetPing is an extensible utility that allows for custom display of networked Windows computers, as well as the ability to perform custom actions on these computers. The utility is provided with a few of each feature.
  • Outlook Contact Photo Cleaner
    Outlook Contact Photo Cleaner is a utility that removes the contact photo of all of your contacts in Outlook.
  • Printer Programming Language A - PPLA (VB.Net Utility)
    Printer Programming Language A - PPLA (VB.Net Utility)
  • TFS Helper
    TFS Helper is a module based utility to accomplish tasks and create reports which are not provided by TFS out of the box. It is coded in It currently has a few reports. 1-Work Item File History The purpose of this module is to find to total effect a work item had ...
  • TFS Project Name Change Utility
    This is a utility to allow TFS administrators to change a project name
  • Z-Pixel
    Z-Pixel is a library written in VB.NET allowing you to use layered windows easily in your applications. It also contains many useful graphics-related utility classes allowing you to do things such as fast image manipulation, shadows, and rounded rectangles.
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List of Utility
Cache My Work: reopen your Apps after reboo...
ILMerge-GUI, the .NET merger
Outlook Contact Photo Cleaner
Printer Programming Language A - PPLA (VB.N...
TFS Helper
TFS Project Name Change Utility