List of VBDotNET


  • AD Support Tools
    Active Directory (AD) Support Tools is a front-end to some common functions and queries that an IT, or Desktop support person uses, such as managing the user accounts and computers in their assigned OU. Source code in 2.0
  • BigDecimal
    BigDecimal is an attempt to create a number class that can have large precision. It is developed in (.net 4).
  • BookmarkSave For VB6
    An addin, written in, for VB6 that preserves Bookmarks and Breakpoints between runs of the IDE.
  • Browser Chooser
    Browser Chooser is a small tool acting as the default browser allowing you to choose what browser to open the link in. It gives you the flexibility to choose what browser to use for any given task. It is developed in VB.Net and geared towards Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Devpad
    An Open Source Notepad like VB.Net Source Code Editor for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.
  • Metavist2
    Development of Metavist 2 PRA Name: User?Centric Metadata Creation Tool for Preserving Nation?s Ecological Data Language: VB.Net
  • NewbieIDE
    NewbieIDE is a very lightweight and portable C++ IDE written in VB.NET and using MingW GCC as compiler.
  • Scoreboard
    Scoreboard is a simple sports and/or activities scoreboard which can be used for a variety of purposes It was developed for use with a 1024x768 projector and features home and away scores, countdown clock, even a buzzer. It's developed in
  • VB.NET MVC Music Store
    This is a VB.NET port of the MVC Music Store tutorial. Source code history is preserved for each step of the tutorial so you can follow along with the evolution of the project over the course of the tutorial.
  • VB6 and VB.NET Inter-op Samples German for VB.NET Jetzt
    MSDN Webcast - VB.NET Jetzt Sample Code. For more info see
  • WiiCraft
    WiiCraft allows you to use a Nintendo Wii Controller in Minecraft. Nintendo Wii Controllers can be connected via Bluetooth to a computer and then WiiCraft will send the correct data to Minecraft. The project is written in VB.Net and uses other 3rd party open source components.
  • Z-Shell
    Probably the first of its kind, Z-Shell is an open-source, managed, Windows replacement shell written entirely in VB.NET. The end vision is to have a highly customizable, theme/style-based shell and editor. You will be able to actually design every part of the shell from menus...
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List of VBDotNET
AD Support Tools
BookmarkSave For VB6
Browser Chooser
VB.NET MVC Music Store
VB6 and VB.NET Inter-op Samples German for ...