List of Visual Studio


  • Backup on Build
    Backup critical files on each Visual Studio build.
  • Christoc's DotNetNuke Module Development Template
    Quick and easy to use Module Development templates for DotNetNuke 7.0.2+ and Visual Studio 2012.
  • DNN Metro7 style Skin package
    Enhanced Metro 7 style Skin Package for DNN Platform. This skin is based on the skin of Ali Nawaz Metro7 and was converted to a Visual Studio Project.
  • goTranslateIt
    Text translation using Google Translate and Bing APIs. Developed in Visual Studio 2010 Express using VB .NET
  • Most Recently Used
    MostRecentlyUsed is an application to give you various ways to quickly access your most recent tasks, such as accessing Visual Studio projects/files, Sql Server Management Studio projects/files, and locating and accessing projects/files in TFS.
  • Product Key Generator
    Generates lage quantities of product keys/serial #'s for any setup program made with a Visual Studio Setup Project. It's developed in Visual Basic (VB) 2005/2008.
  • Professional Visual Studio Code Samples
    This project is to house the code samples for the Professional Visual Studio 2008 book that is to be published as a Wrox title. The supporting website is
  • RabbitEars
    Thread safe event driven message notification for RabbitMQ using the .net API. Implmenet in project is a Visual Studio 2010 solution with two project the RabbitEars project and a demo windows form to allow users to test drive RabbitMQ
  • Snippet Editor
    The Snippet Editor allows for easy management and creation of code snippets for Visual Studio. This is the Snippet Editor, formely known as the VB Snippet Editor as linked to from the MSDN VB site.
  • VSI Builder
    Vsi Builder is an extension for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 which allows packaging code snippets and old-style add-ins into .Vsi redistributable packages
  • WPF Templates Plus
    Baisc templates(VB.Net) for Visual Studio.
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List of Visual Studio
Backup on Build
Christoc's DotNetNuke Module Development Te...
DNN Metro7 style Skin package
Most Recently Used
Product Key Generator
Professional Visual Studio Code Samples
Snippet Editor
VSI Builder
WPF Templates Plus