List of Windows Presentation Foundation


  • #Face Facebook .Net Library
    #Face is a slick library designed to easily work with Facebook, and to stay out of the way, while you code. A lot of emphasis is placed on WPF and databinding. Developed in VB.Net.
  • .NET Voice Recorder
    WPF application demonstrating how to record audio using NAudio in .NET and visualise the results. It can save the recorded file to WAV, or to MP3 if lame.exe is available. It now also features an Auto-Tune effect.
  • FremyCompany Math Equation Editor
    A WPF Component that can import MathML and LaTeX to be edited in a WYSIWYG word processor. It is intended to allow both visual and computer-comprehensive (formula in programming language) exportation. Scope and functionnalites are intended to be expanded over time.
  • NetworkPlanSample
    This is a port of the Office Plan Sample in the Visio 2010 SDK. It has been converted to VB.NET and rather than WinForms it uses WPF. A component of the DC_Rack project
  • Search WPF
    A small utility to browse the WPF classes and interfaces.
  • WPF Media Player
    A media player built using Windows Presentation Foundation. This player was originally designed to work with Windows Media Player's storage format, and provided a way for me to learn about WPF.
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List of Windows Presentation Foundation
#Face Facebook .Net Library
.NET Voice Recorder
FremyCompany Math Equation Editor
Search WPF
WPF Media Player