List of XML


  • Bring2mind Questionnaire
    A module that takes an XML definition of a form as input, renders that form and sends results by email.
  • dotNetTips.Utility
    Common .NET 2.0 helper functions and custom classes. Contains useful common code that anyone can use in just about any project. Helper classes include Active Directory, Validation, IIS, File IO, Security, Computer Info, Web, XML and more. Other classes include a better TextBox...
  • Dylan's XML Office Database
    Dylan's XML Office Database will help create XML files that contain contacts, password, internet favourites, school timetables, stock taking etc. Each file is a database with records. The file can be saved as XAML,RTF,TXT and HTML
  • FetchXML Builder
    FetchXML Builder is a tool for building and testing FetchXML statements. FetchXML is the XML-based query language for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. FetchXML is easy to use and a time-saving aid for developers building solutions on the Dynamics CRM platform.
  • MinecraftToXML
    This project attempts to convert a Minecraft world into an XML format for the purpose of making the world itself trackable in a Mercurial repository.
  • Object/Relational Mapper & Code Generator in Net 2.0 for Relational & XML Schema
    Framework for RAD against relational database (and xml), using a sophisticated, easy-to-use OO model (3-tier). Supports multiple database platforms. Uses generics and partial classes. Supports ADO transactions (doesnt require MSDTC). Includes a winforms Class Generatator for auto
  • visRackAppConn
    Example of using Visio 2010 to diagram application connectivity using either XML or Excel 2010 as a datasource. A component of the DC_Rack project.
  • vsXPathTester
    vsXPathTester is a utility for Developer. This help them load XML file and the run their XPath Query. The Resultant is shown in window. It save the Successfully Run XPath for the current session as well.
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List of XML
Bring2mind Questionnaire
Dylan's XML Office Database
FetchXML Builder
Object/Relational Mapper & Code Generat...