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Hi All, I'm using Jfree chart version 0.9.21 and have successfully plotted sigma lines i.e lines at specific point above the std deviation and below std deviation in scatter plot with the code mentioned. if(sigmalinetype == 1 || sigmalinetype == 2 ){ //ADDING A MARKER AT MEAN + STD Marker target = new IntervalMarker(first,first+delta); target.setPaint(Color.red); target.setLabelAnchor(RectangleAnchor.LEFT); target.setLabelTextAnchor(TextAnchor.CENTER_LEFT); plot.addRangeMarker(target, Layer.BACKGROUND); } if(sigmalinetype ...

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Hello How i could i possibly draw a Histogram ( a continuous display of bar -charts) over a given Time-period , using any of the chartFactory charts or some other charts ? That is , i have an array of y-values , with given max and min values and the time period over this data was collected. Any help..... One more ...