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1. How to create foreign key in Hibernate on Integer column

I have an entity in Java and I would like Hibernate to create a foreign key from an Integer field (since I don't have an object reference):

public class Invoice {


2. Liquibase: Change a INT autoincrement column to BIGINT using modifyDataType refactoring with H2 database

I have a primary key column which is an INT column which I would like to change to a BIGINT. Our test and production environment uses MySQL, but for unit tests ...

3. int[] in a single column

You'd need to write a UserType to do this provided you want to use SQL arrays for storage. Its fairly trivial. It is not supported in the built types because Hibernate types need fore-knowledge of the java type Another option is to simply serialize the int array into the column which is supported by the built-in SerializableType

4. How to force DB column type to integer unsigned ?

Problem description: Im developing a Java+Hibernate program using MySql as database. The program should connect to some existing tables created outside Hibernate. One of these tables is clients having the following fields: - id - integer unsigned (!!!!) - name - varchar(255) For this table my program will have the following mapping file (as you see integer unsigned will be mapped ...

5. Integer column problem