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1. How can I use hibernate with MS Access?

I want to use hibernate with MS Access. Which dialect should I use and can you give me a sample hibernate configuration file with MS Access?

2. Hibernate with Access 2007

This is a tough one.. I started learning Java EE recently and came across this problem - when i run the Hibernate Reverse Engineering Wizard from NetBeans, it says, that it ...

3. How to use MS-Access with Hibernate

Originally posted by Paul Sturrock: Its not one of the officially supported (or community supported) databases for Hibernate. No surprise there, its not really an RDBMS. So the unhelpful answer is: don't bother trying to use Hibernate with Access. If you need a database for development purposes, try something like HypersonicSQL or MySQL.

5. Hibernate Dialect for MS Access

You're right that Hibernate does not ship with an Access dialect; that hasn't stopped various people from writing one, though. You'll find their efforts by searching for "access hibernate dialect" or some such phrase. But Access as a DB is limited, as is the JDBC/ODBC bridge driver you're trying to use, so be prepared for problems. If this is for a ...

6. Hibernate and MS Access

7. Hibernate and MS Access

8. Using MS Access in Hibernate3?

Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: ... AskForHelp 3.0.5:

9. Hibernate configuration with MS access

hello everyone, I am trying to use Hibernate With MS Access database.Any one can write me that how I can use MS access with hibernate.I am pasting the config file code for oracle ,suggest me what should be the changes to work with MS Access instead of is config code For Oracle.... oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver jdbc:oracle:thin:@Server:1521:daffodil vidushialpha ...

10. Hibernate and MS Access

Hi, I am trying to put things together for a smooth and easy approach to Hibernate, using MS Access as RDBMS. Which JDBC driver shall I therefore use? Or may I use the JDBC-ODBC bridge (I presume not)? Is there any free JDBC driver for MS Access to have been tested to work OK with Hibernate? Thank you.

11. DB access takes 16ms, but uniqueResult() takes 140ms

Hi, I'm using hibernate 3.1 inside my program i was trying to make a select using hibernate createQuery. the query took around 140 MS. when i made the same select using JDBC connection, the query returned 16MS. the same time it takes in the MySQL server to run it. Is there a way to make hibernate run faster ? I can ...