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1. how can it not check the dtd in the *.hbm.xml    forum.hibernate.org

I am use mapping 2 with 2.jar package. when i change PUBLIC to BTW,my IDE is WSAD,and install dir is d:\wsad. so I start the webapp,there is still error : =========================== d:\wsad\hibernate-mapping-2.0.dtd not found =========================== i have copy hibernate-mapping-2.0.dtd to the same dir (*.hbm.xml dir) why not check hibernate-mapping-2.0.dtd in the same dir? thanks a lot. . ...

2. Facing Problem with hbm.xml and dtd file    forum.hibernate.org

I am new to "Hibernate" world and I am having problem in *.hbm.xml and hibernate.cfg.xml parsing. Here is how the "hibernate.cfg.xml" looks like: ========== 1. 2. 5. 6. .... ....and so on WSAD is shoing me error on line (4.) saying: ======================= Description: "Operation timed out: ...

3. Verifying dtds mentioned in hbm files without internet    forum.hibernate.org

The above statement in hbm.xml file requires internet for verification from dtds. Can anyone tell me how to validate through dtds without internet. dtds can also be found in .jar of hibernate. What should be mentioned in DOCTYPE to avoid this problem. Thanx in advance.