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I want to generate my database schema with Ant. I am using hbm2ddl task. I am using Hibernate with JNDI. My hibernate.cfg.xml looks like:

<!DOCTYPE hibernate-configuration PUBLIC

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I use Hibernate to generate my database automatically for testing, and I have some tables in my schema that contain static data that takes a very long time to import. In ...

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Hi there, I'm trying to get up to speed with hibernate and am following the basic tutorial, the tools tutorial, whilst trying use it on a project I'm working on. I'm trying to set up a bidirectional one-many relationship between a customer and a job. A customer will have many jobs, but job only have one customer. From every customer I ...

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The following target doesn't work: Code:

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Hi All, I myself found the solution in one of the websites for this issue. The following is the solution: We need to use a particular ANT task that has the provision to add the arbitarary HBM file to the hibernate.cfg.xml. where the inner ...

8. Error while executing the hbm2java task    forum.hibernate.org

I get this error message upon executing hbm2java tool. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hibernate/engine/query/sql/NativeSQLQueryReturn Can someone help in this issue. FYI.. I checked my hibernate3.jar file to find no such class called NativeSQLQueryReturn. Also tell me which is the stable build for hibernate-tools.jar. As it is mandatory to use only stable builds of any open source tools in our organisation. Regards

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IDE: Netbeans 5.0 Hibernate-Version: 3.2.2.ga Hi, I am using hbm2ddl for schema updates and I am trying to define this as an ant task. I use the IDE's embedded ant, so I mess with the build.xml. This is the build.xml file:

10. Where is or what is the equivalent of Hbm2Java task in Hib3?    forum.hibernate.org

Hi Sukritha, Thanks for your reply. I checked the hibernate tool package and the current one points to eclipse plugin/feature and the download link is for hibernate tools beta. I dont find the 'hbm2java' task in there. Could you tell me which version of hbm tools? Plus, I couldn't locate the archived folders for previous hibernate tools version folder ether. The ...

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What I would like to do is run the ANT task hibernatetool to run hbm2ddl to generate a 'DELTA' file, giving me the neccessary updates to the current schema in a .sql file while not performing any database update literally. I have been using this code (see below) successfully to generate a complete schema (schemaexport), but when I add the update="true" ...