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1. JBoss factory-injection and methodcall    stackoverflow.com

i use @JndiInject(jndiName="xxx") on an private Field named "sessionFactory" of type org.hibernate.SessionFactory - this works great! How do i inject an concrete org.hibernate.Session (long-lifed)?

private SessionFactory sessionFactory;

private Session hibernateSession session = ...

2. Integrating 2 Session Factories with JBoss    forum.hibernate.org

Hello, Is it possible to integrate 2 session factories (via SAR files and jboss-service.xml configurations) for Hibernate with JBoss. I have tried this, and from a JNDI view it seems to have integrated properly (both being SessionFactoryStubs) BUT I notice that the username/password of one seems to be being used for the connection of the other - one being Oracle 9i, ...

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I have made an application for our company intranet using Hibernate3/Tomcat5. Everything works great. I am about to start a second application that will also be using Hibernate. This second application will have its own database, but it will also need to read information from the first applications database. According to all the docs I have read, in order to access ...