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I have the following object model


  has many-to-one to Account

  has many-to-one to AccountTransaction

  has many-to-one to Account
And I want some HQL that will find me all PaymentSchedulePeriod ...

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I have the following JPA entities:

class UserClient{
    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
    private long id;

class UserAccess{

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Originally posted by juan prieur: Would someone confirm or clarify to me whether Hibernate supports the use of Criteria and Projections to perform left outer joins (and right outer joins) ? It appears to only support outer joins unless you use HQL. Thanks Multiple join Criteria Queries in Hibernate I wanted to use Hibernate's Criteria API to construct a query against ...

5. Using Right outer Joins in Hibernate with My SQL.    coderanch.com

ok..two things.. 1) do not use "On" clause while using Joins in HQL(because hibernate appends the clause itself by looking at the association between the mappings. 2) A Right Outer Join B is same as B Left Outer Join A, so in such a case use the Left Outer Join clause(because it is more frequently used and is more of a ...

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Hi everyone, We know that left outer join will retrieve the entities from the left table even if entities from the right table are not present. Suppose we have the following relationship: @Entity public class A { @OneToMany( mappedBy="a" ) private Set b; } @Entity public class B { @ManyToOne private A a; } Now, to retrieve all A entities with ...

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Hi, Am very new to Hibernate. am using hibernate 2.0 I have this query in sql, select ep.PRODUCT_ID, ep.product_Name, ep.available_Date, count(distinct i.item_id) , count(distinct epc.comment_id) from ec_products ep, ec_Items i, Ec_Product_Comments epc where ep.PRODUCT_ID = i.product_id (+) and ep.PRODUCT_ID = epc.product_id (+) and i.item_State in ('to_be_shipped', 'shipped', 'arrived' ) GROUP BY ep.PRODUCT_ID, ep.product_Name, ep.available_Date order by product_Name; which i would like ...

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Hibernate version: 2 I have a little problem in a query of mine that is more or less like this: There is a pojo called Event and another one called PublicSession which extends Event. Both Event and PublicSession are stored in a table called EVENT_INFO, and hibernate knows that an Event is a PublicSession if the TYPE column contains the value ...

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Hi, I have following HQL which involves right outer join SELECT count(*) FROM CholdersMain cm right outer join UserInfo ui on ui.strAcctNum=cm.strAcctNum where ui.intOrgID=312 in above query, CholdersMain , UserInfo are objects which are mapped to table when I ran above query, following error occurs Error : unexpected token: on near line 1, column 96 [SELECT count(*) FROM com.mypackage.data.CholdersMain cm right ...

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Hi! I have some problem with JOIN! my Hibernate version is 3 I have two class: Code: package pkg; public class Father { private int id; private String name; public void setId(int id) {this.id = id;} ...

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I've created a query for MSSQL which is exactly what i need to fulfill my requirement. I need to translate this into HQL. however due to the complexity of the query I'm having some trouble. The query is: select distinct P.firstname, P.lastname, S1.name from dbo.Person P LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Store S1 ON (P.Id = S1.propertyManagerPersonId OR P.id = S1.areaManagerPersonId OR P.id ...

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Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: http://www.hibernate.org/ForumMailingli ... AskForHelp Hibernate version: 3.1.2 Mapping documents: Code: ...

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hibernate 3.x I am a beginner in hibernate, I used to use T-SQL and there is left outer join, inner join, right outer join. but is it not support in hibernate? I find left join fetch, right join fetch, inner join fetch in hibernate, is it similar to left outer join, inner join, right outer join in T-Sql?

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In class CriteriaSpecification I see only LEFT_JOIN definition, where is RIGHT_JOIN? I need to build such subquery (in Oracle 9 notation): ... and some_column in ( SELECT Child.ID FROM Child, Parent WHERE Child.ParentID (+)= Parent.ID ) Parent class does not know nothing about joined childs, but Child class does. So, when I write final DetachedCriteria subCrit = DetachedCriteria.forClass(Child.class); subCrit.createAlias("parent", "parent", CriteriaSpecification.LEFT_JOIN); ...