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1. Hibernate Search Fails with Double Type Greater than 5 Digits    stackoverflow.com

I have the following fields on an entity:

@Field(index = Index.TOKENIZED, store = Store.YES)
@Column(name = "total_credit_amount", nullable = false)
@FieldBridge(impl = RoundedDoubleBridge.class)
private Double totalCreditAmount;

@Field(index = Index.TOKENIZED, store = Store.YES)
@Column(name = "total_debit_amount", nullable = ...

2. Different search type in Hibernate    forum.hibernate.org

Hi Everybody, I have a requirement where in i need the product that we are devloping to allow the user with the following search type: 1. Stem Search: Example Values: A query that can return values such as Abort, Aborting, Aborted. I would like to return result that contain all the three values when the user enter any one of the ...