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1. Hibernate and stored proc

Thanks a lot for your quick answer! In fact I'm using Hibernate 2.1 on my project and we wanted to centralize database access/calls thanks to Hibernate. Is it realistic to use it to call stored procedures? I guess we don't have all elements in our version to run them. Otherwise, we thought to call the proc with JDBC through the same ...

2. Is there any tutorial for Hibernate with Stored Proc?

Hi There, I am very new with Hibenate. I went through some tutorial session about Hibenate. Most of them are map directly to the table. I there any tutorial out there show howto use Hibernate with stored procedure? The reason that I am asking this question is that my company policy we are not allow to access tables directly. The only ...

3. Seeing the changes made by a stored proc.

I call a stored proc within a Hibernate transaction. The stored proc changes the state of the db. After the stored proc returns, I need to see those changes. How does that happen? My current code does not "see the changes" made by the stored proc...It seems that my code is hitting the Session cache, and the objects in the cache ...

4. Stored Proc with Hibernate v2 - request example

Can someone provide an example of how to call a stored procedure on the database using the connection provided by Hibernate. Even if it involves using the JDBC connection directly. It looks like Hibernate release 3 has better support for stored procs, but please provide example that uses the Hibernate that comes with MyEclipse, which I believe is release/version 2.

5. simple stored proc

From the docs: For Oracle the follwing rules apply: A function must return a result set. For Sybase or MS SQL server the following rules apply: The procedure must return a result set. No mention of mysql. As I stated, my stored proc is really simple, (From OP: select count(*) into param1 from entity;)

6. Cannot run my Stored proc!

I am simply trying to run a Stored procedure "test" from Hibernate but getting error message: org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: could not execute query Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: FUNCTION database.test does not exist Hibernate version: 3.1.3 Mapping documents: Represents a single temporary sale.

7. Users assigned role by stored proc, how?

hi all, Using EJB 3, Hibernate Annotations, Spring 2.0, oracle 10g. I'm adding a new module to some existing jdbc code, using spring and hibernate. With the following situation: Users have no role. Roles have accees to all required tables User has access to one security table with valid IP addresses in. Stored proc is called after jdbc getConnection, checks incoming ...

8. Stored Proc with Hibernate

Thanks nestorjb, that's helped a lot. On a side note, it took me a while to figure out that getDelegate was the method I needed to call on EntityManager to get the session. So now, for the benefit of anyone else having the same question, I just do this: Code: Connection con = ((Session)entityManager.getDelegate()).connection(); ...