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1. Multiple rows per record in JSF?

having a myfaces datatable, is is possible to have 2 rows for each record? my simple one-row table looks like the following:

<h:dataTable id="somelist" value="#{MyBean.somelist}" var="item">

2. Records with data on multiple rows on a datatable using faces

In JSF is it possible to have a datatable displays records as follows?

      [Name  ][Last Name][Age]
1.    John     Doe ...

3. JSF DataTable - particular record

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How can I pass a parameter to a commandLink inside a datatable?
I have a MySQL database. I use only one table called USERS ...

4. How to use datatable with no records in a list

Hi , I have a datatable which displays 4 columns. Each column has a header. I use arraylist with datatable. Here is what i want to do. When arraylist has values then datable works fine but when arraylist is null or has size 0 I still want to display column headers and a single row dispalying message "No record found". I ...

7. datatable showing records partially