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1. sort arrow is always showing up once sorting is used

We have several pages as tabs where datatable is used in most of the pages. When we sort on a particular coulmn and exit the page and re enter this page ...

2. tomahawk datatable sorting problem

i am just working on a jsf 2.0 application with tomahawk. this application runs a glassfish v3.1. my problem is the sorting feature of the datatable from tomahawk. the text of the header ...

4. Question on how to sort tomahawk datatable

Hello All, I'm new to this forum and am stuck in getting tomahawk datatable to sort columns for me. From searching the web I understood that sortAscending and sortColumn properties should point to properties in the backing bean. For some reason that does not work!! HELP me I've looked everywhere My datatable code is :

5. Tomahawk dataTable sorting problem

Hello, I am trying to use t:dataTable from Tomahawk to build a sortable table. The sort criteria (column which is used for sorting, asc vs. desc) should persist (in the session) so that when the use comes back to table after visiting other pages the same sort criteria should be automatically applied he used the last time. After perusing the API ...

6. tomahawk datatable sorting