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1. How to access form data after submit

I have a problem that I am not able to solve. Well, let's suppose that we are invoking a method (in a backing bean) from a webpage (maybe jsp, xhtml, portlet ...) ...

2. data from a form is nt getting inserted

i have a form in jsf, which consists of some UI components. I add data in this form to check if the data gets inserted. however, i find tht it doesnt go thru the phase 5 of the jsf life cycle. there r no validators, and it doesnt throw any errors on the jsf page.

3. How to Print Form data in JSF

5. Background form data wipes out after swf Ajax popup returns

I am using spring webflow 2 with richfaces. There is one flow with two views. First view presents send email form with fields like sender, destinations, subject, message, scheduled delivery (richfaces calendar). In order to facilitate user to import contacts from contacts list, 2nd form displays list of contacts from where user can select destinations. This 2nd form is shown as ...

6. How to Print only data from the form

7. How to access form data after submit