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1. Problem with datatable

3.  & derby

What I need to do to connect the dataTable with the derby database? This is a bean from iceFaces showcase, so, I was thinking to put into a derbyConnect function, but don't know is it correct way /* MPL License text (see */ package org.icefaces.application.showcase.view.bean.examples.component.dataTable; import org.icefaces.application.showcase.view.bean.BaseBean; import org.icefaces.application.showcase.model.service.EmployeeService; import org.icefaces.application.showcase.model.entity.Employee; import java.util.ArrayList; /** *

The class DataTableBase is the ...

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16. Newbie Basic Question ... DataTable

public abstract class AbstractDvds implements { // Fields private Integer dvdId; private String dvdTitle; private String dvdOwner; private Date dvdDateadded; // Constructors /** default constructor */ public AbstractDvds() { } /** full constructor */ public AbstractDvds(String dvdTitle, String dvdOwner, Date dvdDateadded) { this.dvdTitle = dvdTitle; this.dvdOwner = dvdOwner; this.dvdDateadded = dvdDateadded; } // Other getters, setters and Find Functions // ...

17. problem with dataTable

Hi, I created a web application and on a page there is a dataTable, I would like that the user can choose the order of columns. Here are my two questions: - Is there an attribute to the tag to bring the position of this column? - Is there an attribute draggable for or Thank you

18. The rederer for datatables cell value.

We have a concept called as converter which converts tha inout value from user before mapping / binding it to the backing beans property. How can I have the reverse thing. I want to convert the data coming from backing bean into some desired different form. Do I have to implement renderer here. For eg: // assume ...

21. [DataTabe always problems] problem with datatable + resizable

hello, I am trying to have resizable columns on a datatable. The columns can be resized but space image is not displayed. Please look at the attachement. this my code : Code: ...

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23. Question about content into datatable cell

Hi. In my datatable sometimes the value in the cell (for example an big number like: 12,356.256) is bigger than the text in the column header. The component adjust to the size of the header, and not to the cell value and I can't see the number, just part of it. How can I fix this?. Thanks. ICEfaces 1.7.1

24. dataTable without list

Hi, typically iterative components like the dataTable component are used when you need to iterate over a collection of items. If iteration is not needed you wouldn't normally use an iterative component, but could use a panelGroup or panelGrid component instead and adjust its styles appropriately. Please refer to the tld definition of the specific components for further information which can ...

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