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1. Show html formated text on IceFaces

I'm saving html and/or rich formated text in a database, and I'm trying to show it in an IceFaces text field, but it doesn't show the propper format (line breaks or ...

2. Anchor tag on ICEfaces component

I'm looking for a way to set focus to an ICEfaces component by means of an anchor tag. For instance, when a field fails validation I want to output something like ...

3. Can an ICEFACES commandButton title attribute have style like bold text?

Using ICEFACES, I need that a title attribute of a "commandButton" to have some of its characters bold. I mean, having:

<ice:commandButton style="width:8%" rendered="true" title="Michael air Jordan" actionListener="#{someBean.write}" />
I would like that for ...

4. Rendering html fragment

Hi all, I have a backing bean that open a xml file and after an xml-xsl transformation, returns a buffer string that contains an html code result into a String bean property. Now, my problem is rendering this output in ice:panelCollapsible. Is there a solution to render an html fragment without using another servlet or a IFrame? Thanks! Pasquale.

5. HTML in

9. Use HTML in dataTable

Hi, I am using the dataTable to show some texts in which I want to have html attributes like links and linebreaks. The "
" and "

10. Call icefaces actionlistener from HTML HREF tag...

I am using JasperReports in a web app with ICEFaces. I have a tree that has a listener and will display the selected report. Some of the reports have links to other reports and I was wondering if there is a way to call the actionlistener on the tree to display the linked report? I can use a simple HTTP GET ...

12. No HTML source after rendering

I have a webpage and when is starts, I let some components render themself and others not. When I now take a look at the HTML source code, I can see everything that I see at my webpage. After clicking a button, I render some other components at the same webpage. They appear at the screen, but not in my HTML ...

13. Include HTML

14. Generating dynamic html comment using bean

I tried to put exception stack trace as an html comment. But seems like ice-faces servlet filters out comments generated. Could you give me any pointers on how can I put dynamic html comments ? Here is my code ============================================== ErrorBean ============================================== public String getStackTrace() { // Get the current JSF context FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); Map requestMap = context.getExternalContext().getRequestMap(); // ...

15. output rough HTML markup to page

16. [SOLVED] include html

18. How to render dynamic HTML?

I see strange behaviour of outputLabel component. If I write something like this: public void prerender () { outputLabel1.setValue(dynamicHtmlText); outputLabel1.setRendered(!outputLabel1.isRendered()); } then it starts to show a new HTML content (one time for two refreshes of the page). If the component is already initialized then it does not change the content. Is there a way to return it to state before ...

19. How to display HTML tags in JSF

20. Removing index.html or if not placed first in may cause error

I created an enterprise project in NetBeans 6.5 and added Visual Web IceFaces as a framework for the web module. I run the project and no problem. But when I deleted the index.html which normally is generated when a project is created, the application-exception error appeared. Also if the index.html file is not indicated first in in web.xml, like the ...

21. html link inside a datatable cell

22. Add Dinamic HTML Code from Controler

23. Controlling HTML output getting rid of

26. html table

27. Inserting HTML String

28. Disable validation for plain html

In my webapp I created a custom table out of html and javascript. This table grid has about 1000 cells. I noticed that Icefaces treats this plain html as icefaces components and performs the validation on these elements (even though these elements are not icefaces components. Is there a way to disable validation of plain html elements. I ask because this ...

29. html tags and icefaces

30. HTML is being rendered as text.

I am pretty new to ICEFaces and I am using the version 1.8.2. This is how my code looks: -------------------------------
The data is being fetched and displayed.The "body" is coming from a content management system, which stores the content, which includes HTML tags. Now, when icefaces displays the content, the ...

31. Valid HTML Generation

32. Extend components / Change component html output

Hello everybody, i'm wondering how to extend a component to change the generated html output. What i want to do is to extend/change the tag in a way that the new tag (let's say ) generates other html output. Instead of the nested tables a more clear div layout should be generated. Is this possible? And where ...

33. Error validating HTML

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