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i am using two calendars i will give input from one calendar and then move to second and give that time my first selectinputdate box gets ...

2. SOS: selectInputDate Issues

Hi, We need to explicitly set focus on selectInputDate component from a backing bean. Can someone let us know how to achieve this. this.selectInputDateMyDate.requestFocus(); // This statement does not work !! Also, selectInputDate component allows to edit even when readonly and disabled attributes are set to true. We shall appreciate if IceFaces team can guide us quickly on these SOS issues. ...

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14. ice:selectInputDate renderAsPopup="true"

I'm experiencing some strange behavior when using the selectInputDate as a popup. I'm trying to have a radio selection choice that allows for three different input options. One of those options is the entry of two dates (where I was trying to use the popup calendar for input). I'm dynamically switching between the three input options, using a value change listener ...

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18. change default labels in selectInputDate component

Have you got the pt to work? Because I have noticed that it haves nothing to do with the SelectInputDate component. However if you change your language from your web browser you are using, the the component will automatically change the language of the rendered calendar object. However SelectInputDate do not support the alt text changing! Only english seems to be ...

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25. Make selectInputDate more confortable

Hi everyone, i use selectInputDate for birthday input. But it takes very long to go back to year 1960. So i start to use s:selectDate from jboss seam. This old component is deprecated and it is recomanded to use rich:calender component wich doesn't work with icefaces. It would be nice to have an selectDate component working as the selectDate seam component. ...

27. selectInputDate have problem in 1.7 RC1

maxi_ng Joined: 11/01/2008 00:00:00 Messages: 92 Offline I shifted my portlet from icefaces 1.6.2 to 1.7 RC1 today. i am using liferay portal 4.4.2. After I changed to 1.7 RC1, the small picture of the calendar doesn't show up, still usable though. and after I add to my selectInputDate, the calendar pop up fail. Does anyone know what is ...

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29. How to set background color for SelectInputDate

When I use the following: style="background-color:#ffcccc" it does not change the background color of the input text. How can I do this? The Richfaces calendar control provides an attribute named inputStyle that makes this kind of thing easy. I've seen posts about this before here with no answers - seems to be a common problem.

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