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1. Basic Security in JSF    stackoverflow.com

I would like to see a simple Login Application, not as simple as this though. What i would like to achive is an understanding on how JSF works, I've developed ...

2. JSF 1.1: Having /login/foo and /login/bar be served by the same code    stackoverflow.com

We have a generic JSF 1.1 (myfaces 1.1.4, tomahawk 1.1.9, uses "*.jsf" to map to jsp files) where we need a more flexible way to handle user logins. The basic ...

3. Login System details in JSF    stackoverflow.com

how to use gmail user,yahoo user like that user their account to login my application which developed in JSF i want like Openinviter?

4. can JSF Still data user login?    stackoverflow.com

Hello all i have one problem between 2 class of JSF Manage bean. i have 2 class JSF Manage bean one class use for login, one use for user add/edit/delete user table ...

5. How to login a user when clicks on the email activation link?(JSF 2.0)    stackoverflow.com

I send an account activation mail to my users using javamail. In that email, there is a link that when clicked, the user should activate their account, redirected to the main ...

6. Code compare login and password    stackoverflow.com

I have written a simple code to test login and password ,(login and password are given by the user) and then I compare them by login and password stored in the ...

7. How to login in jsf    stackoverflow.com

I have a session scoped managed bean with name 'usermanager'. i want to store user information which is newly logged in , in a property of usermanager bean and ...

8. State after login with JSF    stackoverflow.com

I am new to JSF and want to create the login part of an app. I have a login page where I validate logins against a database. That is fine, but I ...

9. JSF Simple Login Screen - Three Incorrect Attempts Lockout    stackoverflow.com

I am new to JSF and trying to create a login script in JSF. It successfully redirects to the loginsuccess and loginfailure. but when it comes for redirecting the user when ...

10. JSF Mysql Login. Problems getting data from mysql    stackoverflow.com

I am new to jsf and trying to learn to create login system that verifies the username and password from mysql database. When I run this code, it goes to ...

11. JSF Login Two users at the same time    stackoverflow.com

Im working in a Web App with Java and JSF. I have a simple login, if it finds the user in the database it creates a session and stores some information ...

12. User login with JSF 2.0    stackoverflow.com

I am trying - with JSF 2.0 - to implement in a neat way the login/remember me/logout management. Since the traditional <form action="j_security_check" ... way lacks of flexibility I decided to ...

14. Best way to handle login varification    coderanch.com

I have a login form that collects a username and password then calls the 'login' method of the backingbean. How should I handle failed attempts? I'd like to be as descriptive as possible and not have to redirect the user to a different page. Right now I have the following set up:

15. JSF Login Solution    coderanch.com

16. Login with language selection    coderanch.com

Normally when a person first enters a website, I display a welcome page for the language that that user's browser is set to prefer. Most likely, if I wanted to support the user's being able to select a language for a specific app, I'd place a drop-list menu of languages on the welcome page. Selecting the language would either re-request the ...

17. JSF/EJB3 login by email and password    coderanch.com

18. login example using jsf    coderanch.com

19. login user at most once ?    coderanch.com

20. Login Problem    coderanch.com

Hi, i had written a login page in jsf with fields UserName and Password. Now i had two buttons named Login and Clear. When i enter username and password values and press enter key nothing is happening. i mean the submit is not happening. but when i press the login button it is being submitted. Now i want like after i ...

22. Simple Login faces    coderanch.com

Hello I want to create a very simple and basic login screen Username : Textbox Password : Textbox Submit. on submit i want to show the welcome below the submit and make Username and Password textboxes as un editable. Can you please help me ..i am very new to jsf. I am able to get the values displayed in next page ...

24. How to create a secure login system?    coderanch.com

25. JSF 2.0 Login    coderanch.com

26. Login Filter is not invoked    coderanch.com

Hi all, I want to implement a filter that redirects the user after she authenticated herself. The resultpage depends on the users security role (here: subject or supervisor). When I start my application, you are prompted to identify yourself by an authentication dialog (I'm using BASIC authentication). Afterwards the welcome-page "index.xhtml" is rendered, which is located directly under the root directory. ...

27. A question about login in JSF application    coderanch.com

Rui Azevedo wrote:And what's the name of the security system? Container-managed Security. But it's not a named component - just a description of how security is handled. J2EE, like Java, was designed to be secure from the bottom up, so there's not something like a special JAR file or add-on that has to be added to do security. The security is ...

28. Windows Xp LogIN and LogOut detection    coderanch.com

29. Best practice for secure login authorisation    coderanch.com

I am trying to make a JSF 2 page that would require secure user login password protection. Obviously proper password validation and a user session id validation are a crucial part of this problem (on the 'after login welcome' page the site has further navigation rules to different pages). I spent some long time browsing for solutions and got a little ...

31. Login process in jsf    coderanch.com

32. How can I improve -> Simple JSF Login example    java-forums.org

Java Code: package login; public class UserPOJO { private int userId; private String userName; private String userLogin; private String userPassword; public UserPOJO() { } public UserPOJO(int userId, String userName, String userLogin, String userPassword) { super(); this.userId = userId; this.userName = userName; this.userLogin = userLogin; this.userPassword = userPassword; } @Override public String toString() { return "User [userId=" + userId + ", userName=" ...

34. Login script in JSF    forums.oracle.com

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