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1. Overriding application server behaviour for loading jsp-api and servlet-api jars in a packaged web application

I have a project built and packaged with a specific version of jsp-apiand servlet-api jar files. Now I want these jars to be loaded when deploying the web project on any ...

2. Which class would load first when Web application starts?

I have a web application and two class files, First class is MyClass.class which is inside the abc.jar file (WEB-INF/lib/abc.jar) and Second class is YourClass.class which is inside classes folder (WEB-INF/classes/ ...

3. "Unable to Load Servlet Class in specified module" shown while adding servlet to war file

I'm using sun java app server 8.0 PE, I have created webapplication and added some servlets and deployed successful. after some time I again, tried to add someother servlet as a ...

4. How do I reload servlet classes without restarting my web application?

I want to reload just my web layer classes without reloading my service layer classes (which take longer to initialize and change less frequently). There are no references from my service ...

5. Loading Java applet from WEB-INF/classes by JSP

Ive got a problem with loading an applet from WEB-INF/classes directory. The main class of an applet (MainApplet.class) is there in the package aaa, but when loading I got the exception java.lang.ClassNotFoundException. Where ...

6. loading xml file in java web app

I need to load log4j.xml config file in my web to initialize logging. log4j.xml is in package com.test.config. when in j2se java app code

InputStream input = ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("com/test/config/log4j.xml");
resturns input stream but when I execute ...

7. Unable to load class for JSP

Exception stack trace

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to load class for JSP

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.jsp.redirect_jsp$ Source) Method) Source)

8. How do I correct a Java LinkageError exception?

I am developing an application for WebSphere 6.1 which uses a Java servlet. Within my servlet, I have defined a serial vesion ID of 1L. Upon deploying and running my application, ...

9. How many instaces if servlet class are created by container after loading it ? Singleton?

How many instaces if servlet class are created by container after loading it ? is it only one >

10. Websphere war xml-api.jar Classloader

My j2ee war is using xml-api.jar which is standard xml api jar. And as my code is using latest version of jar than that of the Server's own libraries, I have ...

11. how to auto re-load the classes without shutting down the JVM?

Hi All, Does anyone have any thoughts as to how to auto re-load the classes, which have been loaded into JVM using Custom Class loader? I tried writing custom class loader and loaded all the classes, but don't know how to re-load the same class, if it has been modified (re-compiled) without shutting down JVM, similar to JSP engine, where if ...

12. Unable to load class null

Howdy folks, I have entered the Hello World custom tag from Professional Jsp 2nd Edition starting on page 294. The jsp page executes the tag in Tomcat as it is supposed to, but I don't understand why I cannot get the jsp file to compile. I get the message "HelloWorld.jsp [8:2] Unable to load class null". Has anyone seen this before? ...

13. Class Loading error

14. JSP can not load class

15. c:out - JspTranslate:unable to load class null.

I am getting this silly error on build while using Websphere Studio ver 4.0.3 Here's my login.jsp ================================================================ login.jsp <%@taglib uri="WEB-INF/jakarta-taglibs-standard-1.1.0-B1/tld/c.tld" prefix="c"%>

16. Unable to load Class

17. Mystery Exception: Failed to load or instantiate TagLibraryValidator class

Hi, James. Until I get more info about the project it is difficult to decipher the exception. To me, it sounds like a JSTL version problem. About halfway through the exception, it was trying parse through a directive that it could not understand. The big indication is the "JasperException". I ran into similar problems in my JSP. I notices that you ...

19. Unable to load class set

20. Unable to load class

Hello. I am using JSTL 1.06 from Jakarta with Tomcat 4.1 on a MacOS X 10.3.9 server. I have a jsp that contains the following: <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %> ... ... The input is not valid. I have placed jstl.jar and standard.jar in my webapp's WEB-INF/lib ...

22. Classloader problem in Websphere

24. Creating Classloader for a servlet container

Hi All Ranchers, I am getting while creating classloader for my servlet container. What I have done is that i have created a URLClassloader as bootstrap loader for all container classes. Now whenever i try to create a new classloader for a deployed web application taking this bootstrap classloader as parent. The web app classloader is again a URLClassloader which is ...

25. Servlet Can't load Class (urgent)

29. Runtime Class Loading in Servlets

There are a few possibilities I can think of, but you're going to need to play around a little more. I'm not convinced this belongs in the Servlets forum so it may be moved to another forum soon. Are you sure only a single thread is executing? Since the destination file is absolute you could get problems if it gets written ...

30. which class loads my servlet

31. Servlet Class loading model

32. Cannot load the servlet class

33. WebSphere class loading issue

Hi, We ran into this issue and have been trying to resolve since yesterday with no luck. I'm wondering if anybody else has encountered this and has any thoughts ... We are trying to call the methods of the class in a utility class that is packaged into a jar and put onto the JVM classpath in WebSphere 6.1. And ...

34. IOP00810257: (MARSHAL) Could not load class

Hi, When I try to invokestateless session EJB's remote method by passing list of objects, I get this "IOP00810257: (MARSHAL) Could not load class" exception. When that list is empty the remote method gets invoked without any problem. If the list holds any object, it gives the following problem while invoking: Here is the stack trace, "IOP00810257: (MARSHAL) Could not load ...

36. Issue with ClassLoader

37. [JMS] dynamic class loading

may be this already exists (I am a JMS newbie) when receiving a message through JMS it may happen that your machine does not have the corresponding class. is there somewhere a mechanism through which you can obtain dynamically the corresponding class and thus deserialize properly an object you receive? (this is done for example in other technologies like JINI: for ...

38. loading an action class in jsp

I have a scenario. My welcome page should show, which is link to an action. My welcome.jsp need to get data from the database on the page load and show it in tabluar form . That can be done by calling a n action in jsp if it's success then page will display. My question i sneed to load it on ...

39. Unable to load class for JSP

41. ClassLoader from JSP

I'm trying to load a class using the method loadClass(name,resolve) of ClassLoader; my program works fine in console running the main method, but if I run it from a JSP, i get ClassNotFoundException name_of_class. I'm sure that i'm importing the class, and even i can initialize and use that class. Can someone help me?