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Is it a problem if I am writing 64Kilobytes to httpservletresponse and the buffer size of the httpservletresponse is 8kilobytes? Basically, my code is transferring some large file via servlets and I ...

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I'm having some issues with IE; I'm constructing a pretty large response and submitting it to another jsp to store that my data in to an Access Database. Well, in Netscape everything works fine but when submitted with IE the last half of the values are lost and committed to the database as "null" values. I'm assuming I am hitting some ...

3. Buffer, Buffer! How good a size should you be?    coderanch.com

The default value is 8k. In most cases that I've seen people wanting to alter this value, it has been better to redesign the page rather than try to decide on a new value. The main use of the Buffer is to allow you to output data to the client and then change your mind. A better decision would be to ...

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