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1. how to use crystal report in eclipse ide

sir, i have to use crystal report in my jsp page.I am doing it using eclipse ide

2. JSP code to pass RecordSet in Crystal Report XI

I am new to JSP programming, and one of my client requirement is to use crystal report in JSP. I want to pass a recordset into the crystal report through jsp ...

3. How can I make CrystalReportViewer not use flash?

I have written a .jsp file that uses CrystalReportViewer and Java. This works fine for IE and Chrome but not Firefox. This file also doesn't work with most mobile ...

4. Calling crystal reports from JSP

the new crystal report have web interface facility where u create a report in crystal report having *.rpt extention. all you have to do is to pass parameters and call from the jsp page. the crystal report engine will take care of generating report. read the crystal report documentation for more info.


Yes it is possible, I have done it long back. Crystal Rpts uses two .dll files for the same, But Sorry dont remember the names, explore it!!. You have to convert those dll's into java classes ... Ask Google, you will find some utilities for converting the .dll files to .class files. Once you get .class files and method signatures, I ...

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15. JSP + Crystal Report Developer 10

Hello everyone, I am trying to use a Crystal Report Java Component to display a Report within my JSP Page .TO do the above stated task i took the following steps, step 1:I created a Tamplate Table that store the Report retrieved from querying the underline Table.Step 2:To display the Report ,the Crystal Report Viewer connect to DB to retrieve Data ...

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20. Calling Crystal Report from JSP with weblogic

Hello there, As far crystal report is concerned, it comes in different flavours, one which I tried is CR server component called from ASP on IIS. Firstly .jsp is called which then redirects to ASP page (eg one from samples, generally in Program Files\Seagate Software\Crystal Reports\Samples\Code\Web\Active Server Pages\sample.asp) running on IIS. This ASP page creates CR server instance & generates report ...

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25. JSP vs Crystal Report Export to PDF problem

I have problem using JSP and Crystal Report 10. When I exporting report to PDF my font become ?????? (Only thai font but En font is work fine) This mean when deploy report on J2EE (I used tomcat 5.0.27) It not support other language or I must use other thing such as convert all data to Unicode before export it? Please ...

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