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1. What are implicit objects ?What does it mean?

Whenever I study JSP and Servlets I come across word implicit objects, what does the term mean? How they are called in my program without instantiating objects? Who instantiates implicit objects? Please ...

2. Accessing the implicit objects from a JSP EL function

When defining a function for the JSP expression language, is there a way to specify that the function requires one of the implicit objects (such as pageContext)? I want to define a ...

3. Should I add try/catch around when casting on an attribute of JSP implicit object?

Basically what I mean is like this:

List<String[]> routes = (List<String[]>)application.getAttribute("routes");
For the above code, it tries to get an attribute named "routes" from the JSP implicit object - application. But as everyone ...

4. IntelliJ 9 unable to recognize Implicit Object methods in JSPs?

I'm trying out IntelliJ IDEA 9 for 30 days, and I like what I'm seeing so far. The only glaring problem I have is that the editor seems to have ...

5. why servlet does not have implicit objects

jsp has implicit objects but why servlet does not have implicit objects?

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7. Scope of implicit response object

8. Information about implicit objects and servlet packages in the javadocs.

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12. jsp implicit objects

Not sure if this is what you want, but, you can use HTTPServletRequestWrapper and HTTPServletResponseWrapper classes to change the request and response objects' default behavior. -Sri Actually the question was asked in an interview..... i feel the above one could be the answer..thanks for the reply... i will find the info regarding that and will reply back KBSM [ November 04, ...

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34. Regarding implicit object

Hi,this is Y.Rama Krishna. I have small problem regarding Implicit objects. when in use out object in the scriplet tag it is not giving any error.but if i have used out object in a method is saying out is not recognized. may i know why this problem coming to me.i have also placed the code below. please try to give ...

35. Doubt on implicit objects

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37. implicit object in declaration

Trying to use an implicit object in a declaration is most likely a sign that you are trying to do something you shouldn't be doing there. Declarations are the easiest way to introduce thread-safety issues into your JSP. They should be avoided unless you really know what they are doing and how they work. In fact, at this point you shouldn't ...

38. implicit object,directives in JSP

39. Accessing Implicit objects in jspinit()

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41. Implicit Objects in JSP 0.91?

AFAIK, this was not supported in JSP 0.91. I just did a quick search of the JSP 0.91 spec and could not even find a reference to implicit objects -- I think this was actually first introduced in JSP 1.0. BTW, though, if you're running on a version of WAS that supports 0.91, either you're using WAS 3.5, which also supported ...

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