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Is there a way to create a link in a JSP page to a Microsoft Word document that you can edit and have it post back automatically to the server? I'm ...

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How to load word document in the jasper report in java. Thanks in advance

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How can I add page numbers to a dynamically generated document using mime type application/msword?

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Can we open & edit word document in CKEDITOR using java/jsp without doing copy/paste content from word document? Please suggest along with code blocks.

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Irene, do a search through the forums and I believe you will find a number of other threads that have discussed this very topic. One of the issues discussed was that it might be easier to generate RTF (Rich Text Format; a text-based markup format which Word understands) rather than an actual proprietary-format Word document. hth, bear

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Hi, merry chrismas to all, but now back to work. I tried to do what you told me and I have installed jakarta slide (I think so) with the tomcat server. Using the webdav explorer I have written a html page with a link to a word document, but I still can't save the document. When I try to save the ...

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The jsp has the following code to open the jsp as a word document: <%@ page contentType="application/msword" %> <% response.addHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=\"Cover_Letter.doc\";"); %> Am using the following line of code to display the image in the word document :


even after changing the path (real/relative)the image does not get displayed in the word ...

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Would using the trim-directive-whitspace fix the JSP problem? The following is from a Sun Java EE 5 tutorial. White space included in the template text of JSP pages is preserved by default. This can have undesirable effects. For example, a carriage return added after a taglib directive would be added to the response output as an extra line. If you want ...

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how can we open an existing named file (e.g abc.doc) in word application,not in browser,using servlet.when i try to do this i get security related message.because when we open word application in normal way then it is Winword.exe file that run,not Winword.doc file.on the other hand i'm trying to open abc.doc file in its application program,remeber not in browser. thanks in ...

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Hi, I want your opinion how can I do the following... I'm constructing a web page under JSP and I have a form where when is submited is saves data into different tables in an sql database. Now I want to transform this form with the fill data to a word document, so the user can download it as word document ...

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