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1. Java: Using one class to generate objects of another    stackoverflow.com

I have two classes. SpeciesReader takes files and parses them. Species stores certain data about a species, which has been parsed from the file. Currently, I have a method: SpeciesReader.generateSpecies(), which uses ...

2. Is it OK to write a constructor which does nothing?    stackoverflow.com

To use methods of a class I need to instantiate a class. At the moment the class has not constructor (so I want to write it). But than I have realized ...

3. Accessing the Private Constructor    stackoverflow.com

I am java developer, went for an interview. I have been asked a question about the Private constructor 1) Can I access a Private Constructor of a Class and Instantiate the class. I was ...

4. Can I refer to an object in its constructor?    stackoverflow.com

Can I do the following?

public Manager(String userName) {
    game = new Game(userName);
The problem is that I refer to an object (this) in its constructor ...

5. Any way to _not_ call superclass constructor in Java?    stackoverflow.com

If I have a class:

class A {
   public A() { }
and another
class B extends A {
   public B() { }
is there any way to get B.B() not ...

6. how to pass a self-reference to constructors in java?    stackoverflow.com

i have a class A that needs to instantiate a second class B, whose constructor needs a reference to the same object of class A... would look like:

public class A {

7. What use are constructors in abstract classes?    stackoverflow.com

Since we can't instantiate an abstract class, then what is the necessity of having constructors in abstract class?

8. What is the best way to DRY up these classes, duplication in everything but constructor    stackoverflow.com

So I did some refactoring and two of my classes now look exactly the same except for their constructors. The classes wrap an API object that isn't very pretty, and add some ...

9. Single class with multiple constructor parameter values or many classes?    stackoverflow.com

I have a class Response which contains a HTTP response with a HTTP status code like 200 or 404 and few other things like a view name and a domain object. ...

10. passing parameters from constructor to functions in processing/java    stackoverflow.com

I'm having trouble with some objects in processing. the code should have two objects displayed and moving. but i only see one object displayed and moving. maybe there's something i'm missing. check ...

11. Should functions be declared with a minimal scope?    stackoverflow.com

In my experience, most JS functions, constructor functions, or module-pattern functions, are declared as globals or are bound to a global namespace object. In any case, these identifiers are globally accessible. ...

12. Question about class members in Java    stackoverflow.com

If I have a class SOmeClass, with a method someMethod, in the following code how does the compiler read the class member someConstant?

Class SomeClass{

13. How does Java create an object in the JVM? What happens on the stack and heap when I call a constructor?    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
Java Instantiation.
Suppose we have a java class Test, this class has two data fields a and b, and has a method foo(). When we ...

14. Is it violation of Clean Code to call init method in constructor like this    stackoverflow.com

My concern in the code below is that the param to constructor is not actually directly mapped to the class's instance fields. The instance fields derive value from the parameter and ...

15. Does a constructor have to use all parameters that are passed to it?    stackoverflow.com

Does a constructor have to use all parameters that are passed to it? For example: if there are three parameters passed to construct a new object, must all of the parameters be ...

16. Best way of making a static nested class constructor parameters immediatly available?    stackoverflow.com

Here's an example of what I mean:

class Foo 
    Object testObj1;
    Object testObj2;

    Foo.Bar BarObj = new Foo.Bar(testObj1, testObj2);

17. Super constructor not working how I think it should    stackoverflow.com

I have a class:

public abstract class LogicGate extends JPanel implements PropertyChangeListener {

    private Image image;
    private URL url;
    private OutputTerminal output;

18. Constructor takes two Integers and they must not equal, whats the best way to implement this?    stackoverflow.com

public MyClass(Integer userId, Integer otherId) {
    this.userId = userId;
    this.otherId = otherId;
Thats as far as I got, I want to ensure ...

19. Java: Using same instance of a class in various other classes    stackoverflow.com

it might be stupid question, but I dont know the answer to it and I dont know where to search the answer, so it would be nice if someone could help ...

20. Abstract methods in an abstract class constructor: design flaw?    stackoverflow.com

I have an abstract class Entity. Every class extending Entity will need some default and some customizable setup:

public abstract class Entity {

    protected Entity() {

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