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1. Using 'this' as a parameter to a method call in a constructor

I have a constructor like as follows:

public Agent(){ = "John"; = 9;
 this.setTopWorldAgent(this, "Top_World_Agent", true);

I'm getting a null pointer exception here in the method call. It appears to be ...

2. Managing constructors with many parameters in Java 1.4

In some of our projects, there's an class hierarchy that adds more parameters as it goes down the chain. At the bottom, some of the classes can have up to 30 ...

3. Constructor Parameters - Rule of Thumb

In general, what is the maximum number of parameters a class constructor should accept? I'm developing a class that requires a lot of initialization data (currently 10 parameters). However, a constructor ...

4. Changing a constructor param type breaks class in another jar

I have the following class in a common jar:

public class Common 
  public Common(List list)
I then change the ...

5. Java Inner-Class direclty implemented with Parameter Constructor?

normally I implement my Runnables as follows (directly implemented inner class):

Runnable updateRunnable = new Runnable() {

    public void run() { 
Is there any working ...

6. Java Constructor Style (Check parameters aren't null)

What are the best practices if you have a class which accepts some parameters but none of them are allowed to be null? The following is obvious but the exception is a ...

7. Java: If object of same parameters exists do not add new object

Here is my object constructor

static class Edge {
    int source; // source node
    int destination; // destination node
    int weight; // weight ...

8. Long parameter list in constructor in Java

Possible Duplicate:
What's the best way to refactor a method that has too many (6+) parameters?
If a constructor has a long parameter list, should we ...

9. Prepare parameter for super constructor

I have a base class that have to be constructed with parameter. In child class I need to prepare this parameter before constructing base class but in Java super must be ...

10. Have fixed parameters in Java constructor - possible?

I've defined an object in Java - as far as the Java is concerned, they're the same thing, but as far as the data which populates them is concerned, they can ...

11. Java: pass parameter in constructor or method?

Currently I have a class, TransactionData, which is just a little bit more than a POJO. I build the object from an HTTPServletRequest. What I do:

public class TransactionData


12. How to make constructor that takes in 2 if there are 2 parameters, or 3 if there are 3

New to Java... I have a name class that has:

private String firstName;
private String middleInitial;
private String lastName;
as its instance variables. If I had certain data that had only firstName and lastName, no middleInitial, how ...

13. How to specify ClassParser constructor parameter?

I'm trying to use ClassParser to get method parameter names, ClassParser constructor takes class name as parameter for example:

ClassParser parser = new ClassParser("Main.class");
I 'm trying to set the parameter to String ...

14. Java constructor/method with optional parameters?

I know that in PHP if you want to call a function with less parameters you declare the function like:

function foo(int param1, int param2 = "2");
and now I can call foo(2) ...

15. Using guice to pass in a run-time parameter to constructor

If I have the following class:

public class ObjectDAOMongoDBImpl<T> extends GenericDAOMongoDBImpl<T, ObjectId> implements ObjectDAO<T> {
    public ObjectDAOMongoDBImpl(Class<T> entityClass, Mongo mongo, Morphia morphia, String dbName) {

16. Guice ignoring @Nullable on injected constructor parameter

I'm using Guice (v 3.0) and have a value that is being injected into a constructor. This value can be null, so I have annotated the parameter in the constructor with ...

17. How come Driver won't recognize Constructor and parameter

P: 6 eraserwars I really cannot find anything wrong with this, I have checked it at least 5 times, and there is nothing I see that can make the driver not ...

18. Constructor Parameters

Set them through setters. Generally, its a bad practice to have a method with more than 5 or 6 variables. Think of supportability. You write both version of the code and add a 16th variable. In the first technique where you set them via the constructor, you would add a 16th parameter to the constructor variable lists, whereas in the second ...

19. Invalid Parameter Passed To Constructor

I am seeking advice on what should happen if constructor passed invalid data and unable to create new object. Is this responsibility of object class or calling class to manage this? This best illustrated with simple example below. Say have simple class called DayOfWeek. It only has once instance variable that stores day of week as number (1=Sunday,..7=Saturday). It simply stores ...

20. How to enter 2 parameters of the same type in a class constructor

The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny - it is the light that guides your way. - ...

21. Constructor with a parameter

"h" is defined within the try block, inside the { } braces. It goes out of scope at the close brace, so the compiler can't "see" it any more. This is one bit of syntax that annoys me because it forces us to declare the variable before the try block, before we use it. This makes "h" visible to the try ...

22. Please Explain this Constructor parameter type ?

public DelaunayPoint (double... coords) { coordinates = new double[coords.length]; System.arraycopy(coords, 0, coordinates, 0, coords.length); } what is the meaning of this 3 dots ? This is a code which is related to my assignment .I'm trying to understand this ! Can we have this kind of parameters in the method also ? what i noticed here was when I can call ...

23. "Bind Constructor Parameters"

In this ElementK training I'm doing on the section on constructors it enumerates the steps involved in constructing an object. The first step says "Bind Constructor Parameters". Not understanding what this means I googled it and found out that it is from the Sun (Now Oracle) tutorials. Still not clear what it means. Would appreciate any insight...

24. constructor with parameter object of the same class

Lalit Mehra wrote:for your question: Is it Possible ??? you should try and run it yourself secondly, an object of the same class as the reference can be used in many cases... most common one might be to initialize the new object with the same values as that of the passed one. Yes but lets imagine this to create an object ...

25. parameters for constructors

26. Constructor parameter

27. Constructor with no parameters

28. Passing Constructor Parameters Via User Input

I am currently taking a class in Java. I have an assignment that requires me to create 4 employee types. I have an Employee superclass and four subclasses. First, I need to figure out the best way to pass parameters to the appropriate constructors using some sort of user input. I am planning on using the Scanner class to receive my ...

29. Problem with constructor parameter

Hi, I am a novice Java programmer using BlueJ. Below is a link to a screen dump which demonstrates the error I can't figure out (copy and paste into address bar). In the if statement highlighted in yellow (and others further down), I am asking the program to evaluate whether the variable screenCapacity is 0, but it says it doesn't ...

30. How to call Constructor as per parameter

31. Help: Passing an object as a parameter to Constructor

Another thing, there is a Point class in the Java API. Are you supposed to use this class or write your own. If you must write your own it would be a good idea to give it a different name to avoid confusion (unless it is a stoopid requirement by your teacher).

33. constructor with a parameter !!!

Now, the above doesn't print out "10". Why not? Because the value "0" was passed into the method giveMeTen, not the variable itself. Exactly the same is true of reference variables - the value of the reference is passed in, not the variable itself. It's the same kind of copying that happens on variable assignment.

34. How to get a constructor with parameters

} How could I call/initialize the Sudoku constructor in the SudokuSolver class main method? If it was without parameters would be like above Sudoku Sudoku1 = new Sudoku();, but when I put the value like Sudoku Sudoku1 = new Sudoku( {{1,2}}); it does not work. I would be very happy if anyone could help me out with this noob question. ...

35. How to generate "constructor" for parameter object

Hello, As part of my research project I need to find the "constructor" of a given parameter object. For example: Suppose we have the following method - public void int pop(Stack st) { //some code... } I want to generate code that calls this method and its parameter with its constructor. Like - pop(new Stack(10)); As you can see I need ...

36. java.lang.reflect.Constructor parameter names

Stefan, Sorry mate, I don't think the argument names are accessible via reflections... I guess the only way you'll get the names is by parsing the original source code... which might be doable in an open source product, but is definitely butt ugly. Why do you need the names anyway? why not just generate names like "int1" and "int2" ? Or ...

37. Constructor combinations or null parameters?

I guess it depends on the Object, you must have some idea how many values should be available most/all of the time, and how many values will be initialized later on. Are some of the null values ever going to be used? if not then maybe your class should have a super type which is more basic, with less variables. You ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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