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1. How do I pass in user inputed variables into a constructor?

I just need some help with this program. The user has to enter in the id,password,the number of max tries & the number of max uses. And they have to go into a ...

2. Why my object sees variables which were not given to it in the constructor?

I have the following code. Which is "correct" and which I do not understand:

private static void updateGUI(final int i, final JLabel label) {

3. Accessing variables of an object of a particular class through a different class within the constructor of latter class

Helo, there are 3 files,, and

4. help with static variables in java

I have a class,

class MyClass {
    private int val;
    public static final MyClass myObject = new MyClass(1);
    MyClass(int a){

5. Why is calling a method to set variables better than just setting them normally in the constructor?

I was doing a project in a Java book and came across this code example. The author of the book said that instead of initializing X and Y in my constructor ...

6. Luse Constructor With Variable Inside

I'm learning about constructors.
When I try to compile the following code, I get the error "variable input and shape are not initialized." Could anyone tell me why and how to solve it?

public ...

7. In Java, is it possible to (statically) import constructors or local variables?

Or can this just be done for methods/fields/enum constants?

8. variable modifiers in constructors

why cant i use static as a variable modifier in a constructor and would final work for eg construcor eg in my code below i want to initialise the variable times ...

9. Benefit of initializing variables inside constructor

Could any one explain the advantage of initializing the instance variables inside a constructor, the same thing we can do after the object has been constructed and calling the respective setters ...

10. Using an object as a variable for a constructor

I have a question about using an object as the variable in a constructor. It might be simple but I just really can't think of what to do and my java ...

11. "Can't reference a class variable before supertype constructor has been called !! "

Hi, I have question about a compile time error I am getting. I have 2 classes and one is extending the other one. My problem is about the class variables are not getting recognized before I use the "this()" call in a constructor. Can anybody just go through the following? public class MyClass extends MySuperclass{ int p,q; public MyClass() { this(p,q); ...

12. setting a variable in constructor in 90+ classes

As Bear mentioned, writing a program to automate this is probably the way to go. That said, this situation smells a little like a design issue. Is this behavior that all classes share? If so, should it be pulled up into a super or extracted out into it's own class/interface? Also, aren't you going by Machiavelli now? [ July 21, 2008: ...

13. Constructor calling static method or variables

class Super { String hello; public Super(String hello) { this.hello = hello; } } class Sub extends Super { String world = "world"; public Sub() { //super(world); // not allowed //super(getString()); // not allowed super(getStaticString()); // allowed } private String getString() { return "world"; } private static String getStaticString() { return "world"; } }

14. Assigning values to variables in constructors

Now, in this program: public class CSTest implements CharSequence { private StringBuffer s=new StringBuffer(); private int a,b; CSTest(char[] hello){ StringBuffer s=new StringBuffer(); s.append(hello); System.out.println(s+" "+s.length()); } public String toString(){ String xString=new String(s.toString()); return xString; } public int length(){ return s.length(); } public CharSequence subSequence(int a,int b){ return s.subSequence(a,b); } public char charAt(int a){ return s.charAt(a); } public static void main(String[]args){ char[] ...

15. Only want to read variables declared within certain constructors

For a programming problem, my textbook asks me to create four constructors to represent 4 different ways in which a line in a plane can be specified. Those 4 ways being, by giving a point and the slope, by giving two points, as an equation in slope-intercept form and an equation x = a if the line is vertical. Here is ...

16. Constructor Call with variable variable name.

First, player should not extend team, unless in your model, a player is a special kind of team. As for your question, what's wrong with theloop you have? I might go for an enum rather than simply a String, but looping through the array, creating a player corresponding to each element is perfectly reasonable. Also, Java class names by convention start ...

17. How to design constructor with variable parameters?

I'm working on a "project" where I need to make a class "book" that can store information about a book. It's name, isbn, stock, etc... What is throwing me off a little bit is the author. I'm allowed to enter up to 4 authors per book object. I'm coming at the problem with the assumption, that I should be able to ...

19. StringReader constructor won't take a variable?

EJP, I dont undearstand what you are trying to say.. Am I doing a guesswork or I need to do some guesswork ? he has mentioned about the java.util.NoSuchElementException. He has provided only a part of the code. Not sure weather he has executed it on his own. Yes, I am tring to guess or probe what he actually looking for ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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